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ASTM D603-66 pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum Silicate Pigments (Hydrous).
The pigment shall be made by grinding,milling,washing, purifying,size-fractionating,or otherwiseprocessing,natural hydrous aluminum silicates,and shallconform to the composition requirements (weight percent)given in Table 1.The pH of a water slurry of the pigment shall bewithin a range as agreed upon between the purchaser and theseller.
Water-Soluble Matter—The water-soluble matter shallbe not more than 0.50 %.
Wet-Sieve Residue—The pigment shall contain no morethan 0.5 % wet-sieve residue retained on a 45-um (No. 325)sieve (grit”or“coarse particles”) except as may be agreedupon between the purchaser and the seller.
The color (brightness,reflectance) shall conform to the following requirements:
The color shall be equalwithin agreed upon toler-ances, to that of a reference standard agreed upon between thepurchaser and the seller, The color shall be not less than a guaranteed minimumexpressed as percent reflectance of standard illuminant C at457 nm compared to a freshly smoked standard magnesiumoxide surface by means of an accepted integrating spherereflectance spectrophotometer7 or a monochromatic reflectancemeter,The color shall be specified by actual determination ofdominant wavelength, hue, and spectral efficiency as can becalculated from the tristimulus integration of the reflectancecurve.
The oil absorption shall be equal,within agreed upon tolerances, to that of a reference standardagreed upon between the purchaser and the seller.Aluminum silicate pigments may be furnished in severaltypes or grades whose various properties are dependent in part on average size or particle size distribution about the average,or both. The particle size shall be equal within agreed upontolerances to that of a reference standard agreed upon betweenthe purchaser and the seller.
Two samples shall be taken at random from differentpackages from each lot,batch,day’s pack,or other unit ofproduction in a shipment. When no markings distinguishingbetween units of production appear,samples shall be takenfrom different packages in the ratio of two samples for each10 000 l1b (4540 kg), except that for shipments of less than10 000 lb two samples shall be taken.At the option of thepurchaser,the samples may be tested separately or afterblending in equal quantities the samples from the sameproduction unit to form a composite sample.ASTM D603 pdf download.

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