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ASTM D564-87 pdf free.Standard Test Methods forLiquid Paint Driers.
Driers accelerate the drying of oil, paint,printing ink,and varnish.hese test methods are applicable to liquid driersmanufactured for use in paints and related coatings.The tests for metallic content using ethylenediaminetet-raacetic acid dihydrate (EDTA) are intended for concentratedsolutions of single metals; two or more metals may causeinterference.
Sample in accordance with Practice D 3980.4.2 Conditioning—Follow Specification D 3924 exceptwhere other temperatures are specified.After conditioning overnight at roomtemperature (see Specification D 3924) examine the drierwithout aid of magnification for clarity and cleanness and forpresence of foreign matter,sediment, skins, turbidity or hazi-ness, in accordance with Test Method D 2090.If sediment or sus-pended matter is observed, proceed as follows:
Weigh to 1 mg, by difference,1 to 5 g of drier into atared 10 to 15-um fritted-glass crucible.After most of the drierhas passed through wash with mineral spirits conforming toSpecification D 235 and dry at 50°C until the weight isconstant to 1 mg.Calculate the difference in weight and reportas percent sediment in the drier.
Determine color in accordance with TestMethod D 1544.
Nonvolatile Matter——Determine the nonvolatile contentin accordance with Test Methods D 1644 using either MethodA or B as mutually agreed upon between the supplier and theuser.
Miscibility with Oil——Mix 1 volume of the sample with19 volumes of raw linseed oil under room temperature condi-tions. Record any signs of separation or clouding.Observe themixture at 1-h intervals for 3 h and again after 24 h. For thereference use the raw linseed oil kept in a container similar tothe one with the test specimens.
Historic methods for testing lead,cobalt,calcium,zinc,manganese,and iron can be found in the 1979 AnnualBook of ASTM Standards,Part 29,Method D 564.
These methods were of primary interest before theintroduction (about 1930) of commercial naphthenate driersthat enabled higher concentrations of drier metals in solution,than in much earlier practice when the oxides and salts of lead,manganese,and cobalt were saponified while heating withlinseed oil, resin, and other naturally occurring organic acids oresters. Metal concentrations were then as low as 10 % lead,1 % manganese, or 0.5 % cobalt.ASTM D564 pdf download.

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