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ASTM D590-93 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Petroleum Wax in Paper.
Conditioning of the sample prior to testing as specifiedin Practice D 685 is not a requirement of this test method.Therate at which equilibrium moisture content is achieved isgreatly reduced for wax-impregnated papers, in comparisonwith those that have not been wax treated.For referee purposes or other needs where an accurateor reproducible moisture level in the sample is required, one ofthe following procedures is to be followed:The parties involved in the testing must agree howlong the test units must be conditioned as required in MethodD 585 prior to weighing the test specimen. Results are thenreported on a conditioned sample weight basis.The parties involved must agree to determine mois-ture content in the sample as described in T208.Results arethen reported on a“dry sample” weight basis.For the purposes of this test method, moisture levels inthe sample may not be determined by oven moisture aslow-molecular wax components may volatilize and causeresults for moisture to be inaccurate.
Weigh out to the nearest 0.2 mg at least two represen-tative 0.5-g test specimens from each test unit.Sample sizemay be varied as necessary to provide at least about 0.1 g ofextracted wax.In cases where the level of wax is to be reported on anarea basis, cut the test specimen, preferably with a cutting dieof dimensions known to the nearest 0.01 in. (0.25 mm) ormeasure the dimensions of the specimen taken for testing tothat accuracy prior to weighing. Where the dimensions are tobe measured,the sample must be cut with a device thatprovides corners that are square (90°) so that the accurate areaof the sample may be determined by simple geometric principles.The test specimen must provide ready and immediatesurface access to the solvent.The test specimen may be foldedloosely, or”pleated.”It must not be cut into smaller pieces, asthese tend to adhere to one another and prevent completeextraction.Place the test specimen into the extraction device.Addsolvent to the extraction reservoir.
If appropriate for the equipment being used, obtain atare weight on the portion of the apparatus that will contain theextracted wax upon completion of the test.Operate the extraction equipment for a sufficient timeperiod to completely extract all of the wax present. In theabsence of prior knowledge about the sample,10 to 15 cyclesof the Soxhlet equipment is appropriate. Fifteenminutes extract and fifteen minutes rinse have been found sufficient forsome samples using the Soxtec System HTR.For samples whose extraction properties are unknown,remove the test specimen after 8 to 10 cycles or more for theSoxhlet equipment, or 10 min or more using the Soxtec SystemHTRand determine the sample air dry weight. Repeat after fivecycles or a predetermined additional extraction period.ASTM D590 pdf download.

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