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ASTM D565-99 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Carbonizable Substances in White Mineral Oil.
Reagent grade chemicals shall beused in all tests.Unless otherwise indicated, it is intended thatall reagents shall conform to the specifications of the Commit-tee on Analytical Reagents of the American Chemical Society,where such specifications are available.6 Other grades may beused,provided it is first ascertained that the reagent is ofsufficiently high purity to permit its use without lessening theaccuracy of the determination.
Unless otherwise indicated, referencesto water shall be understood to mean distilled water or water ofequal purity conforming to Type III of Specification D 1193.6.3 Cobaltous Chloride Solution (0.25M)——Prepare a solu-tion of hydrochloric acid (HCI) (Warning -Causes burns.Vapor extremely irritating.) by mixing 30 mL of concentratedHCl with 1170 mL of water. Slowly add the acid to the water.Dissolve 65 1 g of cobaltous chloride hexahydrate(CoCl,·6H,O) in the HCl solution to make 1000 mL ofsolution.Using a pipet, transfer 5 mL of this solution to a 250mL iodine flask. Prepare a solution of sodium hydroxide(NaOH) (Warning —Corrosive. Can cause severe burns orblindness. Evolution of heat produces a violent reaction oreruption upon too rapid a mixture with water.) by mixing 5 gof NaOH with 20 mL of water. Add 15 mL of this NaOHsolution to the iodine flask. Add 5 mL of hydrogen peroxide(HO2)(3 % vl/v). Boil for 10  l min, cool, and add 2 g ofpotassium iodide (KI). Prepare a solution of H,SO4(Warning —Causes burns. Vapor extremely irritating. Strongoxidizer.) by mixing 6 mL of H,So4 with 18 mL of water.Slowly add the acid to the water (see Note 1).
At the end of 10 min from the time the test tube was firstplaced in the bath, remove the test tube and allow to stand inthe room for not less than 10 min nor more than 30 min.Observe and record any discoloration of the oil layer. Place thetest tube in the color comparator, and compare the acid layerwith 5 mL of the standard colorimetric solution and 5 mL ofwhite mineral oil in a test tube that has been shaken vigorouslyfor 10 s and allowed to stand just long enough for the contentsto separate into two layers.
White mineral oil shall be reported as passing the testonly when the oil layer shows no change in color (see Note 2)and when the acid layer is not darker than the referencestandard colorimetric solution.ASTM D565 pdf download.

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