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ASTM D558-03 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Moisture-Density (Unit Weight) Relations of Soil-CementMixtures.
Add to the soil the required amount of cementconforming to Specification C 150 or Specification C 595.Mixthe cement and soil thoroughly to a uniform color.When needed, add sufficient potable water to dampenthe mixture to approximately four to six percentage pointsbelow the estimated optimum water content and mix thoroughly.At this water content, plastic soils, tightly squeezed inthe palm of the hand, will form a cast that will fracture withonly slight pressure applied by the thumb and fingertips;nonplastic soils will bulk noticeably.
When the soil is a heavy-textured clayey material,compact the mixture of soil, cement, and water in the containerto a depth of about 2 in. (50 mm) using the rammer describedin 5.2 or a similar hand tamper.Cover, and allow to stand fornot less than 5 min but not more than 10 min to aid dispersionof the moisture and to permit more complete absorption by thesoilcement.After the absorption period, thoroughly break up themixture,without reducing the natural size of individual particles, until it will pass a No.4 (4.75-mm) sieve and then remix.7.2.5 Form a specimen by compacting the prepared soilcement mixture in the mold, with the collar attached, in threeequal layers so as to give a total compacted depth of about 5 in.(130 mm). Compact each layer by 25 blows from the rammerdropping free from a height of 12 in.(305 mm) above theelevation of the soil-cement when a sleeve-type rammer isused, or from 12 in. (305 mm) above the approximate elevationof each finally compacted layer when a stationary-mountedtype rammer is used.The blows shall be uniformly distributedover the surface of the layer being compacted. During com-paction, the mold shall rest on a uniform, rigid foundation suchas provided by a cylinder or a cube of concrete with a mass notless than 91 kg. Add water in sufficient amount to increase the watercontent of the soil-cement mixture by one or two percentagepoints, mix, and repeat the procedure given in 7.2.5-7.2.8 foreach increment of water added.ASTM D558 pdf download.

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