ASTM D5496-15 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D5496-15 (2020) pdf free.Standard Practice for In-Field lmmersion Testing of Geosynthetics.
After making sure that the assemblies have beeninstalled properly within the tank or sump, secure the cables toa permanent part of the sump or tank to ensure that theassemblies can be removed.
If more than one assembly is being installed, installthe assemblies so that the first assembly placed is the last to beremoved and so on. Use visible labels and other marks toclearly identify testing intervals on assemblies.
ASTM D5496 pdf download.Remove assemblies fromsumps or tanks with caution since exposure to fluids or fumesfrom sumps is a possibility. Use cables to pull the assemblyfrom the sump or tank. Bring each assembly near the surface ofthe sump or tank,without complete removal,to allow fordraining as much of the fluid from the sample containers aspossible.
Allow each assembly to drain for a minimum of30 min as a precaution to minimize exposure of workers tofluid.After draining, wash each assembly with tap or servicewater for 15 min to further remove as much fluid as possiblefrom the sample containers.
After rinsing, allow each assembly to drain for another30 min prior to complete removal from the sump or tank. Pull each assembly from the sump or tank and place ina suitable location capable of handling any fluid that maycontinue to drain from the assembly. Perform the final samplecontainer preparation for shipping and testing within no morethan 30 min from the time of removal from the sump or tank.8.6 Shipping of Geosynthetic Samples—Wrap each assem-bly in multiple layers of heavy-duty polyethylene bags so thatgeosynthetic samples (particularly geotextiles) will remain wetduring the shipping and unpacking process.This also hopefullyeliminates leakage of fluid during shipping. Exercise care tomake certain that the plastic bags are placed over corners andother sharp edges or protrusions of the assembly withouttearing or puncturing the bags.ASTM D5496 pdf download.

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