ASTM D5414-95 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D5414-95 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Horizontal Impact Performance of LoadUnitizing Stretch Wrap Films.
Prepare the test load.Arrange the units comprising thetest load in layers and stack them on the pallet or slip sheet inthe normal manner.Wrap the test load with the unitizing film at apredetermined percent stretch and wrap cycle.Allow the wrapped load to stand undisturbed for aminimum of 16 h before testing. This gives the stress retentionforces in the stretched wrapping material time to equilibrate.Perform the horizontal impact test. Follow the procedures detailed in Test Methods D4003 (Procedure A or B,depending on the specific hazard being simulated). For thepurposes of this test method, the use of back loading can beeliminated since this would not normally affect the performance of the unitizing materials.
After completion of the desired horizon-tal impact cycle, inspect the load and note the degree of loadshifting between layers.Also note any failure in the unitizingmaterial such as horizontal or vertical splits,tears,holes,orother testinduced defects.
Perform this test in the same manner as Test MethodA, except hold the unit load or block away from the horizontalbulkhead of the test carriage by placing a solid block approxi-mately the size of one of the individual containers comprisingthe unit load on the floor of the test carriage between the testspecimen and the bulkhead. This test mode will induceadditional severe stresses on the load unitizing materials since,on impact, the unrestrained upper section of the unit load willtend to continue to move forward while the lower section willbe prevented from doing so by the block on the floor of the testcarriage.
This represents a severe situation and may not beindicative of the actual shipping situation of the user.However,this severe test can be useful as a comparative tool if thenormal test shows no effect or is unable to differentiatebetween two materials or wrap cycles.ASTM D5414 pdf download.

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