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ASTM D529-00 pdf free.Standard Practice for Enclosed Carbon-Arc Exposures of Bituminous Materials.
It is not possible to establish a precise correlationbetween accelerated and natural weathering because of geographical climatic variations,local weather variation fromnormal, and local pollutants. This weathering apparatus andprocedure are used for comparing the weathering characteris-tics of bituminous materials against a reference material forwhich the outdoor weathering characteristics are known.GuideG141 provides guidance regarding this issue.
The enclosed carbon-arc apparatus used shall conformto the requirements defined in Practices G 151 and G 153.5.2 Unless otherwise specified, the spectral power distribution of the enclosed carbonarc shall conform to the require-ments in Practice G 153 for enclosed carbon-arc with borosilicate glass globes.
Unless otherwise agreed upon,test specimens shall beapproximately 70 by 150 mm (23/4by 57/8 in.). Bituminousmaterials shall be applied as uniform coatings on aluminumpanels in accordance with Practice D 1669.Fabricated materials such as bituminous roofing, shingles, and similar productsshall be cut to size and their weather surfaces exposed.If theseare too flexible to sustain their own weight in a verticalposition, they may be mounted on aluminum panels.
At least two test specimens of each material shall beexposed.For the cold exposure period in Cycle B, the panels shallbe placed in the refrigerator, previously cooled to 18  5°c(0 ± 10°F).The transfer of the panels from the exposureapparatus to the refrigerator, and following this period, back tothe test chamber,shall only take suflicient time to allow forinspection of panels between cycles.Load the panels into the refrigerator in a rack whichholds them vertically, and spaces them at least 10 mm (3/s in.)apart.
Clean the lamp filter globe daily, at the end of the cycle,by washing with a mild detergent and water.
Replace the filter globe after 2000 h of operation, orwhen pronounced discoloration or milkiness develops, which-ever occurs first. To provide more uniform irradiance over longperiods, it is recommended that two globes be used in rotationwith the older of the two being replaced after every 1000 h oflamp operation.
Period of Exposure and Evaluation of Test Results8.1 The duration of the exposure under this test methodshall be one of the following:An agreed upon number of cycles of operation inaccordance with either Cycle A or Cycle B, or.The number of cycles required to produce an agreedupon change in the test specimens, The number of cycles required to produce an agreedupon change in a reference specimen.Changes in the exposed specimens may be evaluatedvisually at the end of each cycle by comparing them withunexposed samples,or by measuring a physical or chemicalproperty.ASTM D529 pdf download.

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