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ASTM D525-01 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Oxidation Stability of Gasoline (Induction Period Method).
The pressure vessel shall be madeof corrosion-resistant steel with the inside dimensions of theportion that encloses the reacting gasoline-oxygen mixtureconforming substantially to those shown in Fig. A1.1. Fig.A1.1 is a composite drawing of specific pressure vessels andrelated apparatus for performing Test Method D 525 as madeby various manufacturers.As such,ranges of specific dimen-sions have been given and are not intended to be precise.Pressure vessels conforming to Test Method D 525/1980-1995as well as IP 40 are also suitable, but the specified burst-discshall be attached.Small variations in external dimensions arenot considered to significantly impact the results of the test, butspecific studies to document potential effects, if any, have notbeen carried out. A minimum wall thickness of 5 mm in thepressure vessel is specified for safety reasons. (WarningPressure vessel assembly components obtained from differentsuppliers/manufacturers may not be compatible.)
The interior surfaces of the pressure vessel andpressure vessel closure shall have a high polish such as asurface roughness of 0.20 to 0.40 micrometres,to facilitatecleaning and to prevent corrosion.
Other structural details,such as method of closure,(polygonal or knurled) gasket material, and outside dimensionsare optional provided the limitations listed in A1.1.1.3 andA1.1.1.4 are observed:Initial testing and periodic examination of the pressurevessel should be carried out to ensure its fitness for service.
The pressure vessel shall be constructed to with-stand a working pressure of 1240 kPa at 100°C, with anultimate strength at least equal to that of a pressure vesselconstructed of 18 % (m/m) chromium, 8 % (m/m) nickel-alloysteel. A suitable material is an alloy steel conforming to thespecification for 303 or 304 stainless steels.
The closure shall be capable of making a seal thatwill not leak when the pressure vessel is filled with oxygen to690 to 705 kPa at 15 to 25C and plunged into a bath at 100° is preferable that the closure ring be constructed from analloy different from that of the body if the mating threads of thetwo parts are to move with respect to each other when thetightening load is applied.
Gasket—-Any suitable gasket material will pass thetest described in A1.1.2.1.ASTM D525 pdf download.

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