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ASTM D524-03 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Ramsbottom Carbon Residue of Petroleum Products.
This procedure is applicable to middle distillate mate-rials, such as ASTM No. 1 and No. 2 fuel oils.
A distillation analysis using either a 100 or 200-mLstarting volume is required in order to collect a sufficientamount of the 10 % (V/V) residue needed in this analysis.Fora 100-mL distillation,assemble the distillation apparatus de-scribed in either Test Method D 86 or Specification E 133.Usea distillation flask with a 125-mL bulb volume, a flask supportboard with a 50-mm diameter opening,and a graduatedcylinder with a 100-mL capacity.For a 200-mL distillation,assemble the distillation apparatus described in SpecificationE 133,using flask D (250-mL bulb volume),flask supportboard with 50-mm diameter opening, and graduated cylinder C(200-mL capacity). A thermometer is not required, but the useof the ASTM High Distillation Thermometer 8F or 8C,asprescribed in Specification E 1,or the IP High DistillationThermometer 6C, as prescribed in Specifications IP Ther mometers,is recommended.Depending upon which distillation flask is used, placeeither 100 or 200 mL of sample (as measured at ambienttemperature) into the distillation flask that is held at a tempera-ture between 13C and ambient. Maintain the condenser bath temperature between 0 and 60°C to provide a sufficienttemperature differential for sample condensation. Avoid anysolidification of waxy material in the condenser tube. Place,without cleaning, the cylinder which was used to measure thesample under the condenser tube so that the tip of thecondenser does not touch the wall of the cylinder. The receivertemperature shall be maintained at the same temperature(within ± 3°C) as when the sample was taken at the start of thetest in order to obtain an accurate volume measurement in thereceiving flask.Apply the heat to the flask at a uniform rate soregulated that the first drop of condensate exits from thecondenser between 10 and i5 min (for 200-mL samples) orbetween 5 and 15 min (for 100-mL samples) after initialapplication of heat.If a receiving cylinder deflector is not beingused, immediately move the receiving cylinder so that the tipof the condenser tube touches the inner wall of the cylinderafter the first drop falls.Then regulate the heat so that thedistillation proceeds at a uniform rate of 8 to 10 mL/min (for200-mL samples) or 4 to 5 mL/min (for 100-mL samples).For200-mL samples, continue the distillation until approximately178 mL of distillate has been collected, and then discontinueheating and allow the condenser to drain until 180 mL (90 %(V/V) of the charge to the flask) has been collected in thecylinder. For 100-mL samples, continue the distillation untilapproximately 88 mL of distillate has been collected, and thendiscontinue heating and allow the condenser to drain until90 mL (90 % V/V) of the charge to the flask) has been collectedin the cylinder.ASTM D524 pdf download.

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