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ASTM D523-89 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss.
Working Standards—Ceramic tile,depolished groundopaque glass,emery paper,and other semigloss materialshaving hard and uniform surfaces are suitable when calibratedagainst a primary standard on a glossmeter known to meet therequirements of this test method.Such standards should bechecked periodically for constancy by comparing with primarystandards.
Store standards in a closed container when not in use.Keep them clean and away from any dirt that might scratch ormar their surfaces. Never place standards face down on asurface that may be dirty or abrasive.Always hold standards atthe side edges to avoid getting oil from the skin on the standardsurface. Clean the standards in warm water and a milddetergent solution brushing gently with a soft nylon brush. (Donot use soap solutions to clean standards, because they canleave a film.) Rinse standards in hot running water (tempera-ture near 150°F(65°C)) to remove detergent solution, followedby a final rinse in distilled water. Do not wipe standards.Thepolished black glass high-gloss standard may be dabbed gentlywith a lint-free paper towel or other lint-free absorbentmaterial. Place the rinsed standards in a warm oven to dry.8. Preparation and Selection of ‘Test Specimens
This test method does not cover preparation techniques.Whenever a test for gloss requires the preparation of testspecimens, use the procedures given in Practice D 823.
Operate the glossmeter in accordance with the manufac-turer’s instructions.
Verify the instrument zero by placing a black cavity inthe specified position.If the reading is not within ±0.1 of zero,subtract it algebraically from subsequent readings or adjust theinstrument to read zero.
Calibrate the instrument at the start and completion ofevery period of glossmeter operation, and during the operationat sufficiently frequent intervals to assure that the instrumentresponse is practically constant.To calibrate, adjust the instru-ment to read correctly the gloss of a highly polished standard,properly positioned and oriented, and then read the gloss of aworking standard in the mid-gloss range. If the instrumentreading for the second standard does not agree within one unitof its assigned values,check cleanliness and repeat. If theinstrument reading for the second standard still does not agreewithin one unit of its assigned value,repeat with anothermid-range standard.If the disparity is still more than one unit,do not use the instrument without readjustment, preferably bythe manufacturer.
Position each specimen in turn beneath (or on) theglossmeter. For specimens with brush marks or similar textureeffects,place them in such a way that the directions of themarks are parallel to the plane of the axes of the incident andreflected beams.
Take at least three readings on a 3 by 6-in. (75 by150-mm) area of the test specimen. If the range is greater thantwo gloss units, take additional readings and calculate the meanafter discarding divergent results as in the section on Test forOutliers of Practice D 3980. For larger specimens,take aproportionately greater number of readings.ASTM D523 pdf download.

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