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ASTM D3524-14 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Diesel Fuel Diluent in Used Diesel Engine Oils by Gas Chromatography.
Any gas chromatograph can beused that has the following performance characteristics:A flame ionization detector is used. Thedetector must have sufficient sensitivity to detect 1.0 % decanewith a peak height of at least 10 % of full scale on the dataacquisition device under the conditions prescribed in thismethod. Follow the directions given in Practice E594. Whenoperating at this sensitivity level,detector stability must besuch that a baseline drift of not more than 1 % full scale perhour is obtained.The detector must be capable of operatingcontinuously at a temperature equivalent to the maximumcolumn temperature employed. Connection of the column tothe detector must be such that no temperature zones existbelow the column temperature (cold spots).Although thermalconductivity detectors have been used for this test, their use isnot recommended.
It is not desirable to operate a thermal conductivity detector ata temperature 5 C to 10 °C higher than the maximum column tempera-ture employed. Operation at higher temperature generally contributes tohigher noise levels and greater drift, and can also shorten the useful life ofthe detector.
The chromato-graph must be capable of linear programmed temperatureoperation over a range sufficient to establish a retention time ofat least 1 min for the initial peak(s) and to elute the entiresample before reaching the upper end of the temperatureprogram. The programming rate must be sufficiently reproduc-ible to obtain retention time repeatability of 0.1 min (6 s) foreach component in the calibration mixture described in 7.8.The sample inlet system mustbe capable of operating continuously at a temperature equiva-lent to the maximum column temperature employed, or providean on-column inlet with some means of programming the inlet,including the point of sample introduction, up to the maximum temperature required. Connection of the column to the sampleinlet system must be such that no temperature zones below thecolumn temperature (cold spots) exist.
Means must be provided for determiningthe accumulated area under the chromatogram. This can bedone by means of an electronic integrator or computer basedchromatography data system.The integrator/computer systemmust have chromatographic software for measuring the reten-tion times and areas of eluting peaks (peak detection mode).The electronic range of the integratorlcomputer (for example,1 V, 10 V) must be within the linear range of the detectorlelectrometer system used. It is desirable that the system becapable of subtracting each area slice of a blank run from thecorresponding area slice of a sample run.ASTM D3524 pdf download.

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