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ASTM D2239-12a (2020) pdf free.Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (SIDR-PR) Based on Controlled Inside Diameter.
Select six PE1404 pipe testspecimens.Test in accordance with Test Method D1598 withwater at 176 °F (80°C). Internal test pressure shall be determined in accordance with the equation in Table 5, footnote A.Failure of two of the six specimens tested constitutes failure inthe test. Failure of one of six specimens tested is cause forretest of six additional specimens. Failure of one of sixspecimens tested in retest constitutes failure in the test. Failureof the pipe shall be as defined in Test Method D1598.
The test equipment,procedures andfailure definitions shall be as specified in Test Method D1599.7.8 Elevated Temperature Elevated temperature sustained pressure tests for each Table 1material designation used in production of pipe in accordancewith this specification at the facility shall be conducted per TestMethod D1598, and Table 5 using water as the pressurizingmedium.The“test sample”shall be three specimens of anypipe size or SIDR.One Table 5 Condition for the applicablematerial designation shall be selected for the test.
For the selected Table 5 Condition, passing results are(a) non-failure for all three specimens at a time equal to orgreater than the Table 5 minimum average time before failure,or (b) not more than one ductile specimen failure and theaverage time before failure for all three specimens shall begreater than the specified Table 5 minimum average timebefore failure for the selected Table 5 Condition,or (c)successful retest per.For the selected Table 5 Condition, failure to meet thisrequirement is (a) brittle failure of any specimen when testedat Table 5 Condition 1 through 6, or (b) ductile failure of allthree specimens,or (c) unsuccessful retest per 7.8.3.Provision for Retest for Table 5 Conditions 1 through5—If a second ductile failure occurs before the Table 5minimum average time before failure,it is permissible toconduct one retest at a Table 5 Condition of lower stress andlonger minimum average time before failure for the materialdesignation.The retest sample shall be three additional speci-mens of the same pipe size and material designation from thesame time frame as the test sample per 7.8.For the retest, anyspecimen failure before the Table 5 minimum average timebefore failure at the retest condition constitutes failure to meetthis requirement. For Table 5 Condition 6 no retest is permissible.ASTM D2239 pdf download.

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