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ASTM D2866-11 (2018) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Total Ash Content of Activated Carbon.
An accurately weighed sample of dried activated carbonis placed in a controlled-temperature muffle furnace for aperiod of several hours. When constant weight has beenachieved (0.5 mg), the crucible is cooled to ambient temperature in a desiccator and reweighed.The weight of the ashedcarbon is expressed as a percentage of the weight of theoriginal carbon sample.
In specific end uses, the amount and composition of theash may influence the capabilities and certain desired properties of activated carbon.
Other automated methods for determination of ashcontent, such as combusting the carbon in a thermogravimetricanalyzer (TGA) in flowing air or oxygen, can be used in placeof this test method. A suitable method is described in TestMethods D7582.For determination of the ash content ofactivated carbon,follow the procedure in 13.5.3 of TestMethods D7582,with the exception that the furnace tempera-ture in 13.4.3 shall be 650 25 C.The muffle furnace methodshall be considered the reference test method.
Muffle Furnace, having air circulation,capable of tem-perature regulation of 5 C at 650 °C. HighTemperature Crucible,highform.
Analytical Balance, having a sensitivity of 0.1 mg.5.4 Desiccator.Oven,forced-air circulation,capable of temperatureregulation between 145 and 155 C.
Place the crucible in the desiccator and allow to cool toroom temperature. After the sample has cooled in thedesiccator,admit air slowly to avoid loss of ash from thecrucible. Weigh to the nearest 0.1 mg.An interlaboratorystudy was run in which representative samples of three types ofactivated carbon (coconut shell-based (A), coal-based (B), andwood-based (C)) were tested for ash content by sixlaboratories, with each laboratory making three observations ofeach activated carbon type over three days. Practice E691 wasfollowed for the design and analysis of the data.
The precision information given in Tablel in units of measurement (percent minus weight ash content)is for the comparison of two test results, each of which is theaverage of three test determinations.ASTM D2866 pdf download.

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