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ASTM B851-04 (2020) pdf free.Standard Specification for Automated Controlled Shot Peening of Metallic ArticlesPrior to Nickel,Autocatalytic Nickel, or Chromium Plating,or as Final Finish.
The size of the media shall be capable of producing therequired intensity in the required time.
If a peened surface contains a fillet, the nominal size ofthe shot shall not exceed onehalf of the radius of the fillet.
If the shot must pass through an opening, such as a slot,to reach a peened surface the nominal diameter of the shot shallnot exceed one-fourth of the width or the diameter of theopening.
Cast steel shot charged into a machineshall conform to the screen requirements given in Table 4 forthe nominal size selected. When a machine has a completelynew charge of cast steel shot, conditioning shall be conducted,to remove the oxide layers on the shots, by bombarding onto ahardened steel surface for a minimum of two passes.Conditioning may not be required if the addition to the chargealready in the machine is below 25%.If the addition of over25 % is made to the charge, conditioning is required.
Cut Wire-The diameter of cut wire shot chargedinto a machine shall conform to the requirements given inTable 4.Cut wire shot shall conform to the requirements oflength and cumulative weight given in Table 5.It is mandatorythat only preconditioned cut wire shot be used.Ceramic shot charged into the peen-ing machine shall conform to the screen requirements of Table6.
Almen Strips, Blocks, and Gages—Almen strips, blocks,and gages used shall meet the requirements of SAE J442.Shot peening shall be conducted in a ma-chine that is designed for the purpose,propels shot at highspeed against the product, moves the product through the shotstream in a way that ensures complete and uniform peening,and screens the shot continuously to remove broken or defective shot.Areas of parts to be shot peenedshall be within dimensional requirements before peening.Except as otherwise permitted, all heat treatment, machining,and grinding shall be completed before shot peening.All filetsshall be formed,all burrs removed,and all sharp edges andcorners that require peening provided with sufficient radii priorto peening, in order to result in complete coverage without anydistortion, chipping,or rollover.ASTM B851 pdf download.

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