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ASTM B580-79 pdf free.Standard Specification for Anodic Oxide Coatings on Aluminum.
The basis metal shall be subjected to such mechanicalfinishing operations,cleaning,and chemical or electrolyticpretreatments as are necessary to yield anodic coatings with thefinal quality and appearance specified by the purchaser.Except where specifically excluded, anodized parts shallbe sealed in water or aqueous chemical solutions of suchpurity,composition,pH,and temperature,as to impart theproperties specified herein.
Significant surfaces are defined as those normally vis-ible (directly or by reflection) which are essential to theappearance of serviceability of the article when assembled innormal position; or those surfaces which can be the source ofcorrosion products that will deface visible surfaces and inter-fere with functional surfaces on the assembled article. Whennecessary,the significant surfaces shall be the subject ofagreement between purchaser and manufacturer and shall beindicated on the drawings of the parts,or by the provision ofsuitably marked samples.
Significant surface appearance requirements such ascolor,texture, or reflectivity, and
The alloy to which the coating is to be applied.5.2 Supplementary Coating—Any supplementary coatingthat is required in addition to normal or special sealing musteither be described in detail along with its requirements or theappropriate specification(s) must be referenced.
Anodic oxide coatings can be produced to have manydifferent characteristics. No single coating can be expected tohave all of these characteristics.Therefore, the quality assurance requirements for a given coating should be selected tocontrol those properties necessary to the expected end use forthe product.Anodic coatings supplied under this specification shallmeet the minimum requirements for film thickness as stated inTable 1.
The following ASTM methods are applicable to anodiccoatings within the scope of this specification: B 110,B 117,B 136,B 137,B 244,B 368,B 457,B 487,B 538,D 658,E 429, and E 430.The selection of tests to be required and thelevel of performance against each test,with the exception ofminimum film thickness, shall be subject to agreement betweenpurchaser and manufacturer. The Dye Stain Test, as describedin Method B 136,shall not be required for Type G coatings orfor Types B through F coatings sealed only in dichromatesolutions, or for unsealed Type A coatings.
The anodic coatings shall be continu-ous, smooth, adherent, uniform in appearance, and shall be freeof powdery areas (burns),loose films, stains,discolorations,and discontinuities such as pits, breaks and scratches, or otherdamage.The size and number of contact marks shall be theminimum consistent with good practice. The location ofcontact marks shall be in areas of minimum exposure to serviceenvironmental conditions when important to the function of thepart.ASTM B580 pdf download.

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