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ASTM B569-04 pdf free.Standard Specification for Brass Strip in Narrow Widths and Light Gage for Heat Exchanger Tubing.
The manufacturer or supplier shall inspect and maketests necessary to verify that the product furnished conforms tothe requirements specified.
Source inspection of the material by the purchaser maybe agreed upon between the manufacturer or supplier and thepurchaser as part of the purchase contrast. In this case,thenature of the facilities needed to satisfy the inspector repre-senting the purchaser that the product is being furnished inaccordance with this specification shall be included in theagreement. All test and the inspection shall be conducted so asnot to interfere unnecessarily with the operation of the works. The manufacturer or supplier and the purchaser, bymutual agreement, may accomplish the final inspection simultaneously.
Product that fails to conform to the specificationrequirements when tested by the purchaser,or purchaser’sagent, may be rejected.
Rejection shall be reported to the manufacturer,orsupplier, promptly and in writing.
In case of dissatisfaction with results of the test uponwhich rejection was based, the manufacturer, or supplier, maymake claim for a rehearing.
As a result of product rejection, the manufacturer orsupplier may make claim for a retest to be conducted by themanufacturer,or supplier,and the purchaser.Samples of the rejected product shall be taken inaccordance with the product specification and tested by bothparties using the test method(s) specified in the productspecification, or, alternately, upon agreement of both parties, anindependent laboratory may be selected for the test(s) using thetest method(s) specified in the product specification.
When specified in the purchase order or contract,thepurchaser shall be furnished certification that samples repre-senting each lot have been either tested or inspected as directedin this specification and the requirements have been met.When specified in the contract or purchase order,areport of the test results shall be furnished. Packaging-The product shall be separated by size,composition, and temper and prepared for shipment in such amanner as to ensure acceptance by a common carrier fortransportation and to afford protection from the normal hazardsof transportation.
Each shipping unit shall be legiblymarked with the purchase order number,metal or alloydesignation,temper,size,shape,gross and net weight,andname of supplier. The specification number shall be shown,when specified.ASTM B569 pdf download.

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