ASTM B562-95 pdf free

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ASTM B562-95 pdf free.Standard Specification for Refined Gold.
After 8 to 10 min the samples will appear silvery butnot solidified.At this point remove the cupels from the furnaceone at a time and place in front of the furnace door, where thesamples will immediately solidify and blink.Once cooled,remove beads from cupels with flatpliers and place in dimpled porcelain trays. Clean beads by squeezing bead with flat plier andbrushing away adhering bone ash. Flatten beads with one middle blow and severalend blows. Roll beads to about 0.040 in. by passing twicethrough hand roller, and anneal at 1550°F (843.3°C) for 7 min.X1.6.11 Roll beads to a thickness of 0.015 in. by passingtwice through hand roller,and anneal again at i550°F(843.3°C) for 7 min.Finally roll beads to 0.012 in., and annealone final time at 1550°F (843.3°C) for 7 min.The edges of therolled bead must be smooth and have no roughness. It isimportant that all fillets of each row are the same size andthickness.Coil fillets into “coronets”or spirals using thin-nose pliers or rolling tool. Place coronets in a platinum basket in a definitepattern so as not to mix each coronet. Place the basket in 22°Baume nitric acid at 105C(boil gently) for 45 min, for full basket.Remove the basket, rinse with hot deionized waterand place in 32° Baume nitric acid at 110°C (boil gently) for 45min, for full basket.Rinse the basket first in hot deionized water, then ahot 5 % ammonium hydroxide solution rinse, and three morehot deionized water rinses.Place the basket (still containing coronets) on thehot plate and dry. Place the basket in an annealing furnace at 1550°F(843.3C) for 7 min.This test method covers the cupellation analysis ofGrade 99.5 refined gold for gold content.
The weighed sample along with required silver,copper, and lead is cupelled until all base metal is absorbed andonly the precious metals remain. The silver is then removed bydissolution with nitric acid. The remaining gold is dried,annealed, and weighed. Synthetic proof samples of knownamounts of gold are also assayed and the sample is correctedfor gains or losses in the proof sample.ASTM B562 pdf download.

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