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ASTM B524/B524M-99 pdf free.Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors,Aluminum-Alloy Reinforced
The mass and electrical resistance of a unit length ofstranded conductor are a function of the length of lay.Theapproximate mass per unit length and electrical resistance maybe determined using the standard increments shown in Table 8.When standard accuracy is desired, the increment based on thespecific lay of the conductor may be calculated (ExplanatoryNote 4).
In the calculation of the electrical resistance of acompleted conductor, the resistance of both the aluminum 1350and the aluminumalloy 6201 wires must be taken into consideration.The total area of cross section of the conductor shall benot less than 98 % of the area specified in Table 1 or Table 2.Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, the manufacturermay have the option of determining the cross-sectional area byeither of the following methods, except that in case of questionregarding area compliance, the method given in 11.1.2 shall beused.
The area of cross section may be determined bycalculations from diameter measurements,expressed to fourdecimal places,of the component wires at any point whenmeasured perpendicularly to their axes.The area of cross section of the wires of a conductormay be determined by Test Method B 263.In applying thatmethod, the increment in mass per unit length resulting from stranding may be the applicable value specified in 10.1 or maybe calculated from the measured component dimensions of thesample under test. In case of question regarding area compli-ance,the actual mass increment due to stranding shall becalculated.The conductor shall be free of all imperfections notconsistent with good commercial practice.
Tests for mechanical and electrical properties of component wires shall be made before stranding (Explanatory Note1 ).
Routine testing after stranding is not required. Whenrequested by the purchaser at the time of placing the order,tension tests on wires before stranding may be waived and testsmay be made of wires removed from the completed conductor.When so tested, the wires of aluminum 1350 and aluminumalloy 6201 shall have tensile strengths not less than 95 % of theminimum tensile strengths prescribed for individual tests inSpecification B 230/B 230M in the case of aluminum 1350 andin Specification B 398/B 398M in the case of aluminum-alloy6201 (Explanatory Note 5).
The aluminum 1350 wires removed from a com-pleted conductor shall be capable of meeting the bendingproperties stated in Specification B 230/B 230M.
The aluminumalloy 6201 wires removed from acompleted conductor shall be capable of meeting the bendingproperties stated in Specification B 398/B 398M.ASTM B524 pdf download.

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