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ASTM B502-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum-Clad Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced.
There shall be no joints of any kind made in thefinished wire.Joints may be made in the rods or semifinished wiresprior to drawing to final size. The finished wire at such jointsshall meet the requirements of 7.1.Welding equipment and procedure shall be such that itcan be demonstrated that the ultimate tensile strength of afinished wire specimen containing the welded section shall benot less than the stress at 1.0 % extension as shown in Table 1.10.4 A welded section,wherever encountered, shall not berequired to meet the stress at 1 % extension,elongation,andtorsion tests.
The surface of the wire shall be smooth and free fromimperfections not consistent with good commercial practice.12.Number of ‘Tests.One test specimen shall be taken from each lot of tencoils as clad and drawn, before splitting into individual coils,and tested to determine compliance with Sections 5,6,7,9, and13.The wire shall withstand without fracture not less than20 twists in a length equivalent to 100 times the nominaldiameter of the wire. In this test, the specimen shall be grippedat its ends in vises,one of which shall be free to movelongitudinally during the test. A small tensile load of approxi-mately 15 1b (67 N) shall be applied to the specimen duringtesting.The specimen shall be twisted by rotating one of thevises at a rate of approximately 15 twists/min in the samedirection until fracture occurs.The number of twists shall beindicated by a counter or other suitable device.
Specimens after twisting to destruction shall not revealany seams, pits, slivers,or surface imperfections of sufficientmagnitude to indicate inherent defects or imperfections in thewire. Examination of the wire at the break shall show noseparation of the aluminum from the steel.
Unless otherwise agreed upon, all tests and inspectionsshall be made at the place of manufacture. The manufacturershall afford the inspector representing the purchaser all reason-able facilities necessary to ensure that the material is beingfurnished in accordance with this specification.
If the wire fails in the first test to meet any require-ments of this specification,two additional tests for theserequirements shall be made on specimens of wire from thesame coil or reel.If failure occurs in either of these tests, thelot of wire shall be rejected. However,the lot may beresubmitted for inspection by testing every coil or reel for therequirement which caused the specimen to fail and sorting outthe defective coils or reels.ASTM B502 pdf download.

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