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ASTM B500/B500M-98 pdf free.Standard Specification for Metallic Coated Stranded Steel Core for Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced (ACSR).
Aluminum conductors,steel reinforced may be constructed using steel core wire with any one of nine types ofprotective coatings.The acceptable core wires are galvanizedsteel core wire, coating Classes. A, B, or C in accordance withSpecification B 498/B 498M; high-strength galvanized steelcore wire in accordance with Specification B 606;ZN-5A1-MM coated steel core wire,coating Classes A, B, or C, in
accordance with Specification B 802/B 802M; high-strengthZN-5A4-MM coated steel core wire in accordance with Speci-fication B 803; aluminized steel core wire in accordance withSpecification B 341/B 341M.The number and diameters of the steel wires shal1conform to the requirements of Table 1, Construction Require-ments of Aluminum Conductors Steel-Reinforced (ACSR), ofSpecification B 232/B 232M.
Recommended standard unit-strandedcore lengths aregiven in Table number 5 of Specification B 232/B 232M (forthe respective steel-wire stranded-core construction and sizes).9.Length Tolerance.All lengths of stranded core shall be furnished to alength tolerance of 2 %.
The finished stranded core shall be uniform in diameterand shall be free from imperfections not consistent with goodcommercial stranding practice.The stranded core shall be freefrom waviness and kinks.Samples from each lot shall be taken in accordancewith Table 2.A lot shall be defined as all the packages (reels orcoils) of the same size,construction,length,and type ofcoating offered for shipment at one time.Samples shall be tested for compliance with Sections 7and 10. Weight of zinc,zinc5 % aluminum-mischmetal,oraluminum coating shall be determined on one wire from eachstranded sample.
All tests and inspection shall be made at the place offinal manufacture unless otherwise agreed upon between themanufacturer and the purchaser at the time of purchase.Failure of any of the test specimens to comply with therequirements of this specification shall constitute grounds forrejection of the lot represented by the specimen. The lot may beresubmitted for inspection by testing every package (reels orcoils) for the characteristic in which the specimen failed andsorting out the defective packages.Package sizes and kind of package shall be agreedupon between the manufacturer and the purchaser.ASTM B500 pdf download.

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