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ASTM B489-85 pdf free.Standard Practice for Bend Test for Ductility of Electrodeposited and Autocatalytically Deposited Metal Coatings on Metals.
Flat specimens, 10 mm wide, and not less than 150 mmlong, shall be cut from the electroplated or coated article if theshape permits, no closer than 25 mm from the edges.Guillotineshears are preferred, but any convenient method may be used.Basis metal thickness and temper shall be suitable to permitbending around the smallest diameter mandrel, if necessary.Low-carbon AISI 1010 to 1025 steel strip or sheet, 0.25 to 1.0mm thick is usually suitable. Basis metals that have lowductility can initiate cracks that can propagate through thecoatings. The procedure indicated in 6.2 shall then be followed.6.2 When the shape is such that a test specimen cannot beobtained from the part,a test panel may be prepared ofappropriate basis metal,such as low-carbon steel (see 6.1),with the same coating system in the same baths.The panel shallbe sufficiently large to obtain several pieces after trimming 25mm from the edges. The specimens shall be prepared inaccordance with 6.1. Brass or copper panels may be usedinstead of copperelectroplated zinc alloy panels.
The long edges of the test pieces shall be rounded orchamfered by filing or grinding.Place the largest mandrel in the vise. Bend the testspecimen, with the coating outward, over the mandrel so that asthe bend progresses the test specimen will remain in contactwith the top of the mandrel.Continue bending with slow,steadily applied pressure until the two legs are parallel. If there are no cracks visible under a 10× magnifier,repeat the test,using new specimens, on progressively smaller-diameter man-drels,until cracks appear across or through the coating.Takethe preceding mandrel diameter as the value for the ductilitydetermination. If the coating is electrodeposited chromium, thespecimens may require heating or aging to overcome tempo-rary hydrogen embrittlement.A procedure to overcome hydrogen embrittlement is covered in Guide B 177.Small cracks not greater than 1.5 mm long, confined tothe edges of the test specimen do not signify failure.At times, no single crack may develop over the convexsurface. If jagged cracks, or a series of shorter cracks develop(excluding edges), they signify failure.ASTM B489 pdf download.

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