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ASTM B488-01 pdf free.Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Gold for Engineering Uses.
An inspection lot shall be defined as a collection ofcoated articles that are of the same kind; that have beenproduced to the same specifications; that have been coated bya single supplier at one time,or at approximately the sametime; under essentially identical conditions; and that aresubmitted for acceptance or rejection as a group.
Deposit Purity-Use any recognized method to deter-mine quantitatively the metallic impurities present. Atomicabsorption spectrophotometry (or any methods with demon-strated uncertainty less than 10 %) may be used to determinethe metallic impurities. Initial scanning should be carried outfor all elements in order to detect any unknown or unexpectedmetallic impurities. Determine deposit purity by subtractingtotal impurities in mass from 100 %. Deposit purity should bedetermined on samples at plating conditions representative ofactual production.Measure hardness in accordance with TestMethod B 578. Deposit hardness should be determined onsamples at plating conditions representative of actual produc-tion.
The coating shall be examined at magni-fications up to 10×for conformance to the requirements ofappearance.Measure thicknessby methods outlined in Test Methods B 487,B 567,B 568, orB748. The method chosen shall be such as to give anuncertainty of less than 10 % on the particular coating beingmeasured.The beta backscatter,X-ray fluorescencespectrometry,and coulometric methods measure the mass ofgold per unit area that is present over the measured area.Thecross-sectioning and magnetic methods measure the geometri-cal thickness of the gold present. Since many gold coatingshave a density lower than the theoretical density of gold (19.3g/cm3 ), instruments utilizing the measuring principles in TestMethods B 504,B 567,and B 568 willoften give lowerreadings than the microscopical cross-section method. Toconvert mass of gold per unit area that is present over themeasured area to a geometrical thickness, it is necessary to usestandards having a density identical to that of the coatings to bemeasured, or to multiply the reading obtained by factor, f.ASTM B488 pdf download.

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