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ASTM B452-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Copper-Clad Steel Wire for Electronic Application.
The electrical resistivity of the materialshall be determined in accordance with Test Method B 193.7.3 Dimensional Measurements——Dimensional measure-ments shall be made with a micrometer caliper equipped witha vernier graduated in 0.0001 in. (0.0025 mm). Each coil shallbe gaged at three places, one near each end and one near themiddle.From each spool approximately 12 ft (3600 mm) shallbe unreeled and the wire gaged in six places between thesecond (600th mm) and twelfth foot (3600th mm) from theend.The wire shall withstand without fracturenot less than 20 torsions in a length equivalent to 100 times thenominal diameter of the specimen.All twists shall be made inthe same direction. The rate of applying the twists shall beapproximately 15/min. Specimens shall be twisted to destruc-tion and shall meet the requirements of 5.4 of this specification.Surface finish inspection shall be made with theunaided eye (normal spectacles excepted).
Determination of the minimumcopper thickness shall be done by microscopical examinationof the polished end or by standard stripping methods or by anyother suitable method agreed upon between the manufacturerand the purchaser.Any lot of wire, the samples of which comply with theconformance criteria of this section,shall be considered ascomplying with the requirements of Section 5. Individualproduction units that fail to meet one or more of the require-ments shall be rejected.Failure of a sample group from a lot tomeet one or more of the following criteria shall constitutecause for rejection of the lot. The conformance criteria for eachof the prescribed properties given in Section 5 are as follows: Tensile Strength and Elongation (for all Classes)——Thelot shall be considered conforming, if the values of the fourspecimens are not less than the appropriate values in Table 1.8.3 Resistivity—-The electrical resistivity of each of the fourspecimens shall conform to the requirements of Table 2.Failure to meet these requirements shall constitute failure tomeet the resistivity conformance criterion of 5.2.ASTM B452 pdf download.

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