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ASTM B440-00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Cadmium.
For sampling cadmium in slab form a minimum of twopieces shall be selected for shipments of 500 lb or less, threepieces for shipments of 500 to 1000 lb (227 to 454 kg), and oneadditional piece for each additional 1000 lb or part thereof. Forcadmium in ball or stick form a minimum of four pieces shallbe selected for shipments of 500 lb or less,six pieces forshipments of 500 to 1000 lb and two additional pieces for eachadditional 1000 lb or part thereof.
The selected pieces shall be cleaned to rid the surface ofextraneous material and then sawed,drilled,or milled,carebeing taken to avoid errors due to segregation within thepieces. The saw,drill,or cutter used shall be thoroughlycleaned. No lubricant shall be used in the operation,and thesawings, drillings, or millings shall be treated with a magnet toremove any particles of steel introduced in the taking of thesamples. Equal weights of the sawings, drillings,or millingsshall be taken from each piece sampled, and then combinedinto one sample and thoroughly mixed. The total sampleweight shall be not less than 300 g. In those cases where the cadmium involved is in someother shape or form that does not lend itself to any of the abovemethods, the sampling procedure shall be agreed upon betweenthe manufacturer or seller and purchaser. The method of 9.1offers many advantages.
Aspects of sampling and sample preparation not coveredspecifically in this specification shall be carried out in accor-dance with Practice E 88.
The chemical requirements enumerated in Table lshall,in case of disagreement,be determined by methodsmutually agreed upon or by Test Methods E 396.Material which fails to conform to the requirements ofthis specification may be rejected. Claims to be considered shall be made to manufactureror seller in writing within 30 days of receipt of material at thepurchaser’s plant,and the results of the test made by thepurchaser shall accompany such claims.The manufacturer orseller shall be given 2 weeks from the receipt of the complaintto investigate his records and shall either agree to satisfy theclaim, obtain a sample of the metal for investigation, or send arepresentative to the plant of the purchaser.No claims shall be considered unless the minimumnumber of samples of unused cadmium shapes can be shown tosuch representative.In a question of chemical composition, a sample shallbe drawn by representatives of both parties in accordance withSection 10. The properly mixed and quartered sample shall beseparated into three parts, each of which shall be placed in asealed package, one for the manufacturer or seller, one for thepurchaser and one for an umpire, if necessary.The manufac-turer or seller and purchaser shall each perform an analysis. Ifthe results do not establish or dismiss the claim to thesatisfaction of both parties, the third sample shall be submittedto a mutually agreeable umpire who shall determine thequestion of quality and whose determination shall be final.12.4 Expenses of the manufacturer’s or seller’s representa-tives and of the umpire shall be paid by the loser or divided inproportion to the concession made in case of compromise. Inthe case of rejection being established, the damages shall belimited to the payment of freight both ways by the manufac-turer or seller for substitution of an equivalent weight ofcadmium conforming to this specification.ASTM B440 pdf download.

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