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ASTM B399/B399M-99 pdf free.Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum-Alloy 6201-T81 Conductors.
The mass and electrical resistance of a unit length ofstranded conductor are a function of the length of lay.Theappropriate mass and electrical resistance may be determinedusing an increment of 2 %. When greater accuracy is desired,the increment based on the specific lay of the conductor may becalculated (Explanatory Note 4).The area of cross section of the conductor shall be notless than 98 % of the area specified.Unless otherwise specified
by the purchaser,the manufacturer may have the option ofdetermining the cross-sectional area by either of the following
methods,except that in case of question regarding areacompliance, the method of 12.1.2 shall be used.
The area of cross section of a conductor may bedetermined by calculations from diameter measurements,ex-pressed to four decimal places, of its component wires at anypoint when measured perpendicularly to their axes.The area of cross section of the wires of a conductormay be determined by Test Method B 263. In applying thismethod, the increment in mass resulting from stranding may bethe applicable value specified in 11.1 or may be calculatedfrom the measured component dimensions of the sample undertest. In case of question regarding area compliance, the actualmass increment due to stranding shall be calculated.The conductor shall be clean and free of imperfectionsnot consistent with good commercial practice.
Tests for mechanical and electrical properties of alu-minum alloy 6201 wires shall be made before stranding(Explanatory Note 5).
When requested by the purchaser at the time ofpurchase,tension tests of wires before stranding or of theconductor as a unit may be waived and tests made of aluminumwires removed from the conductor. When so tested, individualwires shall have minimum tensile strengths not less than 95 %of the tensile strength prescribed.All wires composing the conductors shall be capable ofmeeting the bending properties stated in Specification B 398/B 398M after stranding. Routine production testing afterstranding is not required unless agreed to between the manu-facturer and the purchaser at the time of purchase.
Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchaseorder,the manufacturer shall be responsible for the perfor-mance of all inspection and test requirements specified.All inspections and tests shall be made at the place ofmanufacture unless otherwise especially agreed to between themanufacturer and the purchaser at the time of the purchase.15.3 The manufacturer shall afford the inspector represent-ing the purchaser all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that thematerial is being furnished in accordance with this specification.The net mass,length (and number of lengths if morethan one is included in a package),size, kind of conductor,stranding,and any other necessary identification shall bemarked on a tag attached to the end of the conductor inside thepackage. The same information,together with the purchaseorder number, the manufacturer’s serial number (if any), andall shipping marks and other information required by thepurchaser shall appear on the outside of each package.ASTM B399 pdf download.

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