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ASTM B388-00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip.
The bond between the component materials shall bestrong and complete over the entire area of the sheet or strip.
The surface of the material shall be free of cracks,seams, laps, scratches, blisters, rust, or other defects detrimen-tal to the performance of the material or to the manufacture of parts therefrom. Surface of strip at welds for continuous coilsshall be reasonably free of the above defects, but not to theextent specified on the balance of the material surface.
The edges of a thermostat metal product shall be as slitwith burr less than 10 % of metal thickness.Identification of the thermostat metal sheet or strip bymeans of repetitive characters or patterns shall be as mutuallyagreed upon between the producer and the user. Any markingshall be over the entire length and width preferably on thelow-expansion side with a durable and legible etching stain.The producer shall assign a lot number to each lot foridentification and traceability.The lot shall be one continuousbonding sequence for which component alloy heat numbersshall be documented. The lot shall be sampled for certification at onerepresentative location. Precision has been incorporated by reference to speci-fied measurement methods.Bias was not detected in roundrobin measurements offlexivity and electrical resistivity. Inspection shall be for conformance to this specifica-tion. Other inspection parameters shall be as agreed uponbetween the producer and the user.
Material that fails to conform to the requirements ofthis specification may be rejected. Rejection shall be reportedto the producer promptly and in writing. Rejection disputesshall be resolved by agreement between the producer and theuser.When specified by the user, a producer’s certificationshall be furnished to the user that the material was manufac-tured, sampled,tested, and inspected in accordance with thisspecification and has been found to meet the requirements.Areport of the test results shall be furnished as required.ASTM B388 pdf download.

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