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ASTM B387-90 pdf free.Standard Specification for Molybdenum and Molybdenum Alloy Bar, Rod, and Wire.
Material supplied under this specification shall conformto the mechanical property requirements given in Table 3 whentested in the longitudinal direction of working at test tempera-tures between 65 and 85°F(18.3 and 29.4°C).Tension test specimens shall be prepared and tested inaccordance with Test Methods E 8. Tensile properties shall bedetermined using a strain rate of 0.002 to 0.005 in./in. min (ormm/mm”min) through 0.6 % offset and 0.02 to 0.05 in./in. minto fracture.
9.3 Permissible variations in dimensions for wire, square, orrectangular bars, and hexagonal or octagonal rods,shall be asagreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser.10.Workmanship,Finish, and Appearance
10.1 Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy bar, rod, and wireshall be free of injurious external and internal imperfections ofa nature that will interfere with the purpose for which it isintended.Material may be finished as forged, rolled, swaged, ordrawn (black), as cleaned, as machined, or as ground.
The manufacturer shall be permitted to remove surfaceimperfections provided such removal does not reduce thedimension below the minimum permitted by the tolerance forthe dimension specified.Care shall be exercised to ensure that the sampleselected for testing is representative of the material and formand is not contaminated by the sampling procedure.
The chemical composition enumerated in this specifi-cation shall, in case of disagreement, be determined in accor-dance with the test methods approved for referee purposes byASTM.4 Where such test methods are not available, methodsof analysis as mutually agreed upon between the manufacturerand the purchaser shall be employed.Material not conforming to this specification or toauthorized modifications shall be subject to rejection. Unless otherwise specified, rejected material may be returned to themanufacturer at the manufacturer’s expense unless the pur-chaser receives, within three weeks of notice of rejection, otherinstructions for disposition.If requested, the manufacturer shall supply at leastthree copies of a report of the chemical analysis of each heat(Types 360,363,365, and 366) or powder metallurgy productfrom the powder lot (Types 361 and 364) represented in theshipment, and reports of the result of tests of each size of each heat or powder lot to determine properties required in Sections7.1 and 8.
The report shall include the purchase order number,heat number,this specification number,and quantity andnumber of items covered by shipment.
Each bar,rod,bundle, box,coil,or spool shall belegibly and conspicuously marked or tagged with the numberof this specification, heat or lot number, manufacturer’s iden-tification,type, temper,and nominal size.ASTM B387 pdf download.

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