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ASTM B374-96 pdf free.Standard Terminology Relating to Electroplating.
roll straightening— in diffiusion coatings,straightening ofmetal stock of various shapes by passing it through a seriesof staggered rolls, the rolls usually being in horizontal andvertical planes.sacrificial protection—the form of corrosion protectionwherein one metal corrodes in preference to another, therebyprotecting the latter from corrosion.sand blasting abrasive blasting with sand.saponificationthe alkaline hydrolysis of fats whereby a soapis formed; more generally, the hydrolysis of an ester by analkali with the formation of an alcohol and a salt of the acidportion.satin finish—a surface finish that behaves as a diffuse reflectorand which is lustrous but not mirrorlike.scale an adherent oxide coating that is thicker than thesuperficial film referred to as tarnish.sealed (anodic) coating—in anodizing aluminum, an anodicoxide coating on aluminum that has been treated in anaqueous or steam medium resulting in reduced porosity ofthe coating.sealing of anodic coating a process which, by absorption,chemical reaction, or other mechanism, increases the resis-tance of an anodic coating to staining and corrosion,in—proves the durability of colors produced in the coating, orimparts other desirable properties.
sequestering agent—an agent that forms soluble complexcompounds with,or sequesters, a simple ion, thereby sup—pressing the activity of that ion. Thus, in water treatment theeffects of hardness can be suppressed by adding agents tosequester calcium and magnesium. See chelating agent.shelf roughness roughness on upward facing surfaces whereundissolved solids have settled on parts during a platingoperation.
shield,a nonconducting medium for altering the currentdistribution on an anode or cathode.shield,to alter the normal current distribution on an anodeor cathode by the interposition of a nonconductor.shot blasting blasting with small spherical objects, such asmetallic shot,propelled against a metallic surface. See abrasive blasting. shot peening a process whereby hard, small spherical objects(such as metallic shot) are propelled against a metallicsurface for the purpose of introducing compressive stressesinto that surface, hardening it or obtaining decorative effects.siliconizing -in diffusion coatings,diffusion of silicon intosolid metal at elevated temperatures. slurry—a suspension of solids in water.spotting outthe delayed appearance of spots and blemisheson plated or finished surfaces. stalagmometer—-an apparatus for determining surface ten-sion. The mass of a drop of a liquid is measured by weighinga known number of drops or by counting the number ofdrops obtained from a given volume of the liquid.standoffin abrasive blasting, distance from blast nozzle topart when abrasive blasting.ASTM B374 pdf download.

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