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ASTM B367-93 pdf free.Standard Specification for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Castings.
The surface of the casting shall be free of adhering moldmaterial, scale,cracks,and hot tears as determined by visualexamination.Other surface discontinuities shall meet the visualacceptance standards specified in the order. Practice A 802/A 802M or other visual standards may be used to defineacceptable surface discontinuities and finish. Unacceptablesurface discontinuities shall be removed and their removalverified by visual examination of the resultant cavities.If repairs are required,these shall be made using awelding procedure and operators certified to quality require-ments established by the producer. The procedures developedshall be consistent with standard practices recommended forreactive metal alloys.The producer shall maintain documentation on procedure and welder qualifications. Procedure modi-fications or special arrangements shall be as agreed uponbetween the producer and the purchaser.The composition of the deposited weld metal shall bewithin the chemical requirements for each grade established inTable l.
Unalloyed titanium Grades c-2 and C-3,and low-alloy Grades Ti-Pd7B,Ti-Pd8A,Ti-Pdl6, and Ti-Pdl7 castingsshall be stress-relieved if the repair is considered capable ofadding stresses that will interfere with the purpose for whichthe castings are intended.The decision for stress relieving shallbe made by the producer,unless otherwise agreed upon. Thestress-relief cycle shall be in accordance with 7.2 followed byair or furnace cooling to room temperature, or as agreed uponbetween the purchaser and the producer.Grade C-5 (Ti-6Al-4V),Grade C-6(Ti-5A1-2.5Sn)and Grade Ti-Pd 18 castings shall be stress-relieved after weldrepair, if the weld defect or excavation is through a wall orexceeds 1 in.3 (16 000 mm3) of deposited metal. The stress-relief cycle shall be in accordance with 7.2.Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) may be substituted forrequired thermal treatment provided all requirements for thattreatment are met, and temperatures detrimental to the materialproperties are not reached.
The producer shall afford the purchaser’s inspector allreasonable facilities necessary to satisfy him that the materialis being produced and furnished in accordance with thisspecification. Foundry inspection by the purchaser shall notinterfere unnecessarily with the producer’s operations.ASTM B367 pdf download.

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