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ASTM B360-01 pdf free.Standard Specification for Hard-Drawn Copper Capillary Tube for Restrictor Applications.
Test method(s) used for the determination of otherelement(s) required by contractual or purchase order agreementshall be as agreed upon between the manufacturer, or supplier,and the purchaser.Tensile strength shall be determined as directed inprocedure for small tube in Test Methods E 8.Test results are not seriously affected by variations inspeed of testing. A considerable range of testing speed ispermitted; however, the rate of stressing to the yield strengthshould not exceed 100 ksi (690 MPa)/min. Above the yieldstrength the movement per minute of the testing machine headunder load should not exceed 0.5 in./in. (0.5 mm/mm) of gagelength (or distance between grips for full section specimens).
Procedure B of Test Method B 577 shall be followedand in the case of dispute Procedure C shall be followed.In performing this test care must be exercised toclean the outside surface of the end of the specimen to beimmersed in the solvent. Full-length specimens of finishedproduct should be tested to minimize the possibility of con-tamination from cutting operations. If full-length specimenscan not be utilized the specimens must be prepared in such amanner as to prevent the inclusion in the residue of copperchips or dust,resulting from specimen preparations.Using the schematic depicted in Fig. 1,clean theinterior surface of the sample with a suitable solvent (not lessthan 50 mL per specimen).After collection of the solvent and residue in thevacuum flask transfer the contents of the vacuum flask to abeaker of known weight. Transfer an equivalent amount of clean solvent into a second beaker of known weight. (This is ablank to determine the contaminates in the solvent.)With adequate exhaust, evaporate the solvent in bothbeakers to near dryness on a low temperature hot plate orsandbath. (Warning Overheating may cause charring of theresidue.)
Place the beakers in a drying oven set at 105 5°Cfor approximately 10 min, or longer as necessary, to completethe drying process. Remove the dried containers,cool in adesiccator,and weigh.ASTM B360 pdf download.

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