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ASTM A480-20 pdf free.Standard Specification for General Requirements for Flat-Rolled Stainless and HeatResisting Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip.
Corrosion tests are not normally required for the 400series types.Lower-carbon corrosion-resistant types (S44400,S44635,S44660,S44700,S44800,S44735,XM-27, and XM33) are heat treated for resistance to corrosion. For S44400,S44635,S44660,S44700,S44800,S44735,XM-27, and XM33,intergranular corrosion testing of Practices A763,PracticeX,Y, or Z shall be specified as agreed upon between the sellerand the purchaser.
ASTM A480 pdf download.The tests for detrimental intermetallic phases inwrought duplex stainless steels,Methods A, B,or C of TestMethods A923,are not required unless it is specified on thepurchase order. All duplex (austenitic-ferritic) types that arelisted in Test Methods A923 are expected to be capable ofpassing these tests.However, it is not necessary to actually runthe tests unless specified on the purchase order. The applicability of these tests to duplex stainless steels not listed in TestMethods A923 shall be a matter for negotiation between theseller and the purchaser.
Retests are permitted in accordance with the provisionsof Test Methods and Definitions A370.
If any test specimen shows defective machining ordevelops flaws, it is permitted to discard the flawed specimenand substitute another specimen.If the percentage of elongation of any tension speci-men is less than that specified and any part of the fracture ismore than 3/4 in. [ 19.1 mm] from the center of the gauge lengthof the 2 in. [50.8 mm] specimen or is outside the middle halfof the gauge length of an 8-in. [203.2 mm] specimen,asindicated by scribe marks placed on the specimen beforetesting, a retest shall be allowed.If a bend test specimen fails,due to conditions ofbending more severe than required by the specification, a retestshall be permitted,either on a duplicate specimen or on aremaining portion of the failed specimen.
If the results of any test lot are not in conformance withthe requirements of the applicable material specification,theproducer is permitted the option of retreating such lots.Thematerial shall be accepted if the results of retests on retreatedmaterial are within the specified requirements.If any specimens selected to represent any heat fail tomeet any of the test requirements as specified in the applicablematerial specification, it is permitted to reheat treat the materialrepresented and resubmit it for testing.
If the product analysis fails to conform to the specifiedlimits, analysis shall be made on a new sample.The results ofthis retest shall be within the specified requirements.ASTM A480 pdf download.

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