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ISO/IEC 16085-2006 pdf free.Systems and software engineering — Lifecycle processes — Risk management.
This standard prescribes a continuous process for risk management. Clause 1 provides an overview anddescribes the purpose, scope, and field of application, as well as prescribing the conformance criteria.Clause2 lists the normative references;informative references are provided in Annex E. Clause 3 providesdefinitions. Clause 4 describes how risk management is applied to the life cycle. Clause 5 prescribes therequirements for a risk management process.There are several informative annexes. Annex A, Annex B, and Annex C recommend content of three docu-ments: Risk Management Plan,Risk Action Request, and Risk Treatment Plan.Annex D summarizes whererisk management is mentioned in the ISO/IEC 12207 series of software life cycle process standards.Anequivalent annex is not included for ISO/IEC 15288, the system life cycle process standard, since it includesa risk management process.Annex E, as previously mentioned, is an annotated bibliography of standardsand other documents related to the material covered in this standard.
This standard describes a process for the management of risk during systems or software acquisition, supply,development, operations, and maintenance.
The purpose of this standard is to provide suppliers, acquirers, developers, and managers with a single set ofprocess requirements suitable for the management of a broad variety of risks. This standard does not providedetailed risk management techniques,but instead focuses on defining a process for risk management inwhich any of several techniques may be applied.
This standard defines a process for the management of risk throughout the life cycle.This standard is suit-able for adoption by an organization for application to all appropriate projects. This standard is useful formanaging the risks associated with organizations dealing with system or software issues.
This standard may be applied in conjunction with the ISO/IEC 12207:1995 series of standards, ISOIEC15288, or applied independently.
ISO/IEC 12207:1995 is currently the ISO’s “umbrella”standard describing standard processes for the acqui-sition, supply, development, operations, and maintenance of software. The standard recognizes that activelymanaging risk is a key success factor in the management of a software project. ISO/IEC 12207:1995 men-tions risk and risk management in several places, but did not provide a process for risk management (seeAnnex D).This risk management standard provides that process in a manner aligned with the risk manage-ment process definition provided by subsequent amendments to ISO/IEC 12207.This standard may be usedfor managing organizational-level risk or project-level risk, in any domain or life cycle phase, to support theperspectives of managers, participants, and other stakeholders.
In the life cycle process framework provided by ISO/IEC 12207:1995, risk management is an“organiza-tional life cycle process.”The activities and tasks in an organizational process are the responsibility of theorganization using that process. The organization therefore ensures that this process has been established.When used with ISO/IEC 12207:1995, this standard assumes that the other management and technical pro-cesses of ISO/IEC 12207 perform the treatment of risk. Appropriate relationships to those processes aredescribed.
ISO/IEC 15288:2002 includes a risk management process and mentions risk and risk management in severalplaces. This standard may be used for managing organizational-level risk, enterprise-level risk, or project-level risk, in any domain or life cycle stage, to support the perspectives of managers, participants, and otherstakeholders.ISO/IEC 16085 pdf download.

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