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ISO 9454-2-2020 pdf free.Soft soldering fluxes —Classificationand requirements—Performance requirements.
This document specifies the performance requirements for fluxes in solid, liquid and paste formsintended for use with soft solders.
NOTE1ISO 9454-1 specifies the requirements for labelling and packaging as well as the coding system for theclassification of the fluxes.
NOTE2 Some of the fluxes intended for inert gas and vapour phase soldering may not pass some of the criteriain Tables 1 and 2.
Requirements for these fluxes are agreed between the purchaser and the supplier.
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies.Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.ISO 9455-3:2019,Soft soldering fluxes —Test methods – Part 3: Determination of acid value,potentiometric and visual titration methods.
flux:chemicalsubstance in a form which assists molten solder to wet metalsurfaces to be joined, by removingoxides and related contaminants from the solder and from the surfaces of the parts during solderingNote 1 to entry: Flux can be in solid, liquid or paste form.
liquid flux:solution of a flux in a suitable liquid solvent.
paste flux:solution or uniform dispersion of flux in a suitable viscous medium.
colophonyrosin:hard, natural resin, extracted from the oleoresin of pine trees and refined, consisting of abietic andpimaric acids and their isomers, some organic fatty acids and terpene hydrocarbons.
Note 1 to entry: These natural rosins, or modified rosins, should give a positive reaction to the Liebermann andStorch test 1and shall have an acid value greater than 155 mg KOH/g.
Solid fluxes shall be of uniform composition and be free from foreign matter or impurities deleteriousto the fluxing action.
Liquid fluxes shall be homogeneous and free from sediment.
Paste fluxes shall be of a uniform viscous form and of a consistency suitable for application to thesurface to be soldered.
When tested in accordance with the appropriate test methods given in the various parts of the ISO9455series, fluxes shall comply with the requirements given in Tables 1 to 3.When determining the acid value for type 2 fluxes in accordance with IS0 9455-3:2019, the value for Sin ISO 9455-3:2019,4.5 of the method is to be taken as 100.ISO 9454 pdf download.

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