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ISO 9229-2020-06 pdf free.Thermal insulation — Vocabulary.
This document provides a vocabulary of terms used in the field of thermal insulation that coversmaterials, products,components and applications.Some of the terms can have a different meaningwhen used in other industries or applications.
Normative references:There are no normative references in this document.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
thermal insulation material:substance that is intended to reduce heat transfer and that derives its insulation properties from itschemical nature, its physical structure or both.cellular plastic:thermal insulation material (3.1.1) made from plastic, in which the density is reduced by the presenceof numerous small cavities (cells), which may be interconnecting or not, dispersed throughout thematerial.
expanded polystyreneEPS:rigid cellular plastic(3.1.2) thermal insulation material (3.1.1) manufactured by moulding beads ofexpandable polystyrene or one of its co-polymers and that has a substantially closed-cell structure,filled with air.
extruded polystyrene foamXPS:rigid cellular plastic (3.1.2) thermal insulation material (3.1.1) made from polystyrene or one of its co-polymers, which has a closed-cell structure and is produced through an extrusion process.
flexible elastomeric foamFEF:pliable thermal insulation product (3.2.1) made of natural or synthetic rubber, or a mixture of the two,and containing other polymers and other chemicals that may be modified by organic or inorganicadditives.
external thermal insulation composite system ETICS:set of a thermal insulation(3.4.1), a base coat, a reinforcement, a finishing coat and at least an adhesiveor a mechanical fixing device, optionally a key coat and/or a decorative coat to be used according tofurther specification (i.e. sequence of layers, adhesive bonded area, adhesive coverage(3.6.12), thermalinsulation thickness,anchor plate diameter, anchor setting position, anchor plate position perpendicularto substrate, anchor number per unit area, profiles and rails distance, base coat thickness, reinforcementoverlap, key coat coverage, finishing coat thickness and decorative coat coverage)
exterior insulation finish systemEIFS:exterior wall system with capacity to provide heat, air and moisture control functions and, inclusive ofa water resistive barrier assembly, thermal insulation(3.4.1) board, attachment method for securing thesystem to the substrate, and protected by a base coat material and glass fibre(3.5.11) reinforcing meshinstalled over the face and termination surfaces of the thermal insulation board and completed with afinish material.
technical insulation:thermal insulation (3.4.1) required by building equipment(3.6.2) or industrial installation (3.6.3), e.g.forenergy economy, safety of personnel or public, condensation or freezing prevention and the need todeliver or store fluids within specific temperature limits
Note 1 to entry: Also known as industrial insulation for insulation systems applied only to industrial installation.3.4.4.
preformed insulation:thermal insulation product(3.2.1) fabricated in such a manner that at least one surface conforms to theshape of the surface to be insulated.ISO 9229 pdf download.

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