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ISO 8551-2020 pdf free.Prosthetics and orthotics — Functional deficiencies — Descriptionof the person to be treated with an orthosis, clinical objectivesof treatment,and functionalrequirements of the orthosis.
1.Scope:This document establishes a method of describing the person to be treated with an orthosis, the clinicalobjectives of treatment and the functional requirements of the orthosis.
2.Normative references:The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document(including any amendmentsJ applies.ISO 8549-1, Prosthetics and orthotics —Vocabulary —Part 1: General terms for external limb prosthesesand external orthoses
ISO 8549-3,Prosthetics and orthotics —Vocabulary —Part 3: Terms relating to external orthoses
ISO 13404, Prosthetics and orthotics —Categorization and description of external orthoses and orthoticcomponents
3.Terms and definitions:For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in IS0 8549-1,ISO 8549-3 andISO 13404 and the following apply. alignment of a skeletal segment:spatial relationship between the ends of the segment.Note 1 to entry: The alignment of a skeletal segment is determined by its integrity and/or shape.alignment of a joint patial relationship between the skeletal segments which comprise the jointNote 1 to entry: The alignment of a joint is determined by the integrity and shape of the skeletal segments of which it is comprised, and the action of associated muscular and ligamentous/capsular tissues. These factorsalso govern the type and range of motion at the joint.
State the clinical impression of the person’s motivation and their perceived needs.
NOTE The motivation and perceived needs of the person have a major effect upon the rehabilitationobjectives. They are interdependent and are influenced by the person’s clinical condition, and personality, andenvironmental factors.
To achieve each of the clinical objectives, the orthosis is required to provide some of the followingfunctions.
Specify the functions the orthosis is required to provide for the person being treated and state therelevant details in each case.ISO 8551 pdf download.

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