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ISO 4219-1979 pdf free.Air quality — Determination of gaseous sulphurcompounds in ambient air — Sampling equipment.
1.This International Standard specifies general requirements forthe equipment for the sampling of ambient air in order todetermine gaseous sulphur compounds,particularly sulphurdioxide.
2.This International Standard is applicable to ambient air. It isapplicable to the sampling of air for sulphur dioxide and othergaseous sulphur compounds as defined in clause 3.ltis primarily intended to be used in conjunction with thefollowing international Standards :1)
lSO 4220,Air quality – Determination of a gaseous acidpollution index – Titrimetric method with indicator orpotentiometric end-point detection.
ISo 4221,Air quality – Determination of mass concentrationof sulphur dioxide in ambient air Thorin spectrophotometricmethod.which specify supplementary details relating to the samplingequipment, theabsorbing solution and the samplingprocedure.The sampling equipment specified may also be used fordeterminations other than gaseous sulphur compounds.
3.gaseous sulphurcompounds : Sulpur dioxide,othergaseous sulphur compounds and water-soluble acidic gasesdetermined according to the method of lSo 4220.Drawing of ambient air through an absorber to trap the gaseoussulphur compounds being determined. Under certain cir-cumstances,detailed in the relevant International Standard,filtration of the air to remove interfering particulates.
5.Because gaseous sulphur compounds are very reactive, the useof the correct materials for all parts of the sampling equlpmentcoming into contact with the air containing these compounds isessential.Materials used shall not absorb any of the constituents to bedetermined and shall not react with them to produce a reactionproduct that might interfere with subsequent determination orto reduce the concentration of the constituents.
5.1.Air intake:No particular design of air intake is required for this Inter-national Standardconcerning determinatlon ofgaseoussulphur compounds only. lf the air intake may be exposed toprecipitation, an inverted funnel may be used es protection,asshown in figure 2.
lf it is intended to carry out other determinations, e.g. concen-tration of black smoke with the same equipment (see clause 2),the air must be drawn in through an air intake of appropriatediameter.
5.2.Connecting tubing6.2.1 Dimensions:The internal diameter of the tubing shall be 6 to 8 mm and theinternal surface shall be smooth.ISO 4219 pdf download.

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