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ISO 8222-2020 pdf free.Petroleum measurement systems — Calibration — Volumetric measures,proving tanks and field measures(including formulae for properties ofliquids and materials).
This document describes the design, use and calibration of volumetric measures (capacity measures)which are intended for use in fixed locations in a laboratory or in the field.This document givesguidance on both standard and non-standard measures. It also covers portable and mobile measures.This document is applicable to the petroleum industry; however, it may be applied more widely to otherapplications.
This document excludes measures for cryogenic liquids and pressurized measures as used for liquidpetroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Volumetric measures are classified as test measures or prover tanks depending on capacity and design.Measures described in this document are primarily designed, calibrated and used to measure volumesfrom a measure which is wetted and drained for a specified time before use and designated to deliver.Many of the provisions, however, apply equally to measures which are used to measure a volume usinga clean and dry measure and designated to contain.Guidance is given regarding commonly expected uncertainties and calibration specifications.
The document also provides, in Annex A, reference formulae describing the properties of water andother fluids and materials used in volumetric measurement more generally.accuracy closeness of the agreement between a measured quantity value and a true quantity value of a measurand
Note 1 to entry:The concept ‘measurement accuracy’is not a quantity and should not be given a numerical valueThe quantitative expression of accuracy should be in terms of uncertainty.”Good accuracy”or “more accurateimplies small measurement error.Any given numerical value should be taken as indicative of this.calibration:operation that, under specified conditions, in a first step, establishes a relation between the quantityvalues with measurement uncertainties provided by measurement standards and correspondingindications with associated measurement uncertainties and in a second step uses this information toestablish a relation for obtaining a measurement result from an indication
Note 1 to entry: A simplified definition is ‘set of operations that establish,under specified conditions, therelationship between quantities indicated by an instrument and the corresponding values realized by standards’.Note 2 to entry: Calibration should not be confused with adjustment of a measuring system.
Note 3 to entry:The word “proving” is used in the oil industry and has the same meaning but can include a checkof the results against specified acceptance criteria.ISO 8222 pdf download.

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