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ISO 8-2019 pdf free.Information and documentation —Presentation and identification ofperiodicals.
This document establishes the minimum characteristics required for the presentation and identificationof periodicals including not only the obvious traditional elements that print periodicals typicallydisplay (e.g. title, ISSN, publisher, date), but also the “footprints” of periodicals published on digitaldynamic media that enable them to be traced along the path of their history, such as changes of URLand publisher or content provider.Furthermore, this document provides information about persistentidentifiers,using ISSN, and citation of periodicals (especially when published online or digitized andwhen titles have changed). It also makes specific recommendations for presentation and identificationaspects of retrospective digitization of periodicals.
This document is applicable to a subcategory of continuing resources identifiable as “periodicals”(seeClause 3).
NOTE1 For the purposes of this document,newspapers are not considered to be periodicals; therefore,specialized information relevant only to newspapers is not included.
This document does not specifically address or apply to books, including series of books, nor to contentthat is continuously updated such as loose-leaf services, databases, online reference works, and mostwebsites.
NOTE2 For information about series titles, see ISO 7275.
This document focuses only on elements of periodicals — printed, born-digital or retrospectivelydigitized — that relate to the presentation of title and supporting descriptive information, as well aspractices related to title identification and content access over time.Therefore, this document is notconcerned with the overall design of the periodical, except where that design affects the presentationof the title and has unintended consequences for resource discovery and access to earlier content.Neither is it concerned with the technical specifications for print, born-digital or digitized periodicals.The recommendations might not apply in all circumstances, and do not always accommodate certainartistic, technical or advertising considerations.
This document contains recommendations intended to enable editors and publishers of periodicalsto identify and present key information in a form that will help users discover, cite and access theirinformation over time and through any changes.This benefits all stakeholders of the periodical supplychain: publishers, content providers, authors, librarians, and researchers.ISO 8 pdf download.

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