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ISO 11484-2019 pdf free.Steelproducts — Employer’s qualification system for nondestructive testing (NDT) personnel.
This document specifies an employer’s qualification system for non-destructive testing(NDT) personnelperforming the testing of the following steel products under the employer’s responsibility:
a)tubes/pipes (seamless or welded);
b)flat products, long products, rails, bars,sections, rods and wires.
This document specifies qualification requirements for the competence ofLevel 1 and Level 2 NDT personnelto execute specific tasks in the NDT of steel products. The qualification is issued by the employer for aspecific steel product and a specific test method.
candidate:individual seeking qualification who gains experience under the supervision(3.32) of personnel having aqualification acceptable to the certification body[soURCE:ISo 9712:2012,3.3]
capability:ability and/or skill to execute a specific NDT task competence:product knowledge and capability (3.2) to carry out a specific NDT task employer:organization for which the candidate (3.1 ) works on a regular basis [SOURCE: ISO 9712:2012,3.7]3.5
general examination:written examination, at Level l or Level 2, concerned with the principles of an NDT method (3.13)[SOURCE: ISO 9712:2012,3.10]
industrial experience:experience acceptable to the employer (3.4) and gained under qualified supervision(3.21) that is needed toacquire the skill and knowledge to fulfil the provisions of qualification in the NDT specific method[SOURCE: ISO 9712:2012,3.1l,modified —”employer”has replaced “certification body”, and “in thesector concerned” has been deleted.]
job-specific training:training provided by the employer (3.4) in those aspects of NDT specific to the employer ‘s products, NDTequipment, applicable codes, standards, specifications (3.29) and NDT procedures (3.14)
[sOURCE: ISO 9712:2012,3.13,modified “or his agent) to the certificate holdr” and “leading to theaward of operating authorizations” have been deleted.]
Level 3 individual:person certified to Level 3, in accordance with ISO 9712 or equivalent (e.g.ANSIASNT SNT-TC-IA orANSI/ASNT CP-189), in the method and product sector for which s/he is authorized by the qualifying body(3.22) to conduct, supervise and grade the qualification examination (.3.20)
multiple-choice examination question:wording of a question giving rise to four potential replies, only one of which is correct, the remaining threebeing incorrect or incomplete [SoURCE: ISO 9712:2012,3.15]
magnetic particle testing MPT:test performed by using finely divided ferromagnetic material capable of being individually magnetized andattracted by magnetic flux-leakage.ISO 11484 pdf download.

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