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ISO 7369-2020 pdf free.Pipework — Metal hoses and hoseassemblies — Vocabulary.
1.scope:This document defines current terms concerning metal hoses, metal hose assemblies and componentparts.
This document applies to:
a)stripwound metal hoses and hose assemblies;b]corrugated metal hoses and hose assemblies.
NOTE1 These hoses can be used braided, covered or lined.
NOTE 2 Equivalent terms in English, French,German and Dutch are given in Annex A.
2Normative references:There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions:IlSO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
ISO online browsing platform: available at
IEC Electropedia: available at http:.//
3.1.1.metal hose:metal duct, generally of circular or polygonal section, able to withstand repeated bending without damage3.1.1.1
stripwound metal hose:hose manufactured from a helically wound pre-formed strip, generally with a right-hand lead, wherethe turns, with or without packing (, are connected together by single or double overlapping andflexibility (3.1.11) is obtained by sliding adjacent turns over each other metal hose:pressure-tight hose made from tube or from strip ( with corrugations, helicoidal or annular tothe axis of the hose, made by deforming the metal, and where flexibility (3.1.11) and pliability (3.1.12)are obtained by bending of the corrugations
3.1.2.metal hose assembly:assembly of a metal hose (3.1.1) with its end fittings (
maximum allowable pressure:maximum pressure at the design temperature for which the hose assembly is designed, as specified bythe manufacturer
Note 1 to entry:The maximum allowable pressure should be equal to or higher than the design pressure(3.1.5).Note 2 to entry: The maximum allowable pressure should be lower than or equal to the lowest value of themaximum allowable pressures of its components.
Note 3 to entry: Care should be taken to ensure that both the temperature and the pressure are quoted together.3.1.7
burst pressure:pressure reached before any part of the hose assembly fails by leakage or rupture of any of thecomponents.
test pressure:differential pressure to which the hose assembly or the component is subjected to during a test atambient temperature.ISO 7369 pdf download.

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