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ISO 37160-2020 pdf free.Smart community infrastructure一Electric power infrastructure — Measurement methods for the qualityof thermal power infrastructure andrequirements for plant operations andmanagement.
1.Scope:This document specifies methods for measuring the quality of thermal power infrastructure (QTPT)during the operational phase and requirements for operations and management activities.
lt is intended for use by electric power providers,including public utilities and independent powerproducers (hereinafter collectively referred to as power plant operators), as well as relevantstakeholders that intend to maintain and improve QTPI.
NOTE The selection and importance of evaluation indicators resulting from the implementation of thisdocument can vary depending on the characteristics of the power plant operator.
2.Normative references:There are no normative references in this document.
3.Terms and definitions:For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1.thermal power infrastructure:unit (3.2) or plant (3.3) generating electric power utilizing oil, gas,coal or biomass as fuel
3.2unit.assembly of equipment required for operating one generator.
Note 1 to entry:This could include, for example, a generator, turbine, boiler and balance of plant.
Note 2 to entry: When unit means a definite magnitude of quantity used as a standard of measurement, the term”unit of measure” is used in this document.
3.3.plant:entire premises including units(3.2) and the common facilities, land and buildings relating to the units.
3.4.gross maximum capacityGMC.maximum output power that a unit (3.2) can generate in a specific period. maximum capacityNMC:output power calculated by subtracting the power of the auxiliary systems used by the unit(3.2) fromthe GMC (3.4)
Note 1 to entry: Depending on the objective of using NMC, either of the following two calculation methods can beapplied.
a)Plant NMC: the output power calculated by subtracting the total internal consumption of the plant(3.6) from the plant (3.3)GMC.
b)Unit NMC: the output power calculated by subtracting the power consumption of the auxiliary systems for the particular unit from the unit GMC. internal consumption of the plant:summation of the power consumption of the auxiliary systems and general power consumption withinthe plant (3.3)Note 1 to entry:General power consumption includes energy consumption of administration offices such aslighting and air conditioning.ISO 37160 pdf download.

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