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ISO 19440-2020 pdf free.Enterprise modelling andarchitecture -Constructs forenterprise modelling.
1.Scope:This document identifies and specifies constructs necessary for users that model enterprises inconformance with ISO 19439.
This document focuses on, but is not restricted to, engineering and the integration of manufacturing andrelated services in the enterprise. The constructs enable the description of structure and functioning ofan enterprise for use in configuring or implementing in different application domains. This documentspecifies an implementation framework in Clause 6 to map model constructs into such domains.
2.Normative references:There are no normative references in this document.
3.Terms and definitions:For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
construct label literal string defined for each construct template(3.14), identifying the kind of construct(3.12)Note 1 to entry: Construct labels are listed in 4.2.construct template common structure that allows the identification and description of distinct modelling languageconstructs (3.50) and the assignment of their properties Co-provider <enterprise modelling> derived construct (3.22), a specialization (3.73) of Role (3.69), which representsa person or an organization associated with another in providing a Service (3.71)
core construct <enterprise modelling> dominant construct(3.12) that is distinguished from normal usage of the termby capitalizing the first letter of each word Note 1 to entry: Core constructs are explained in Clause 7.EXAMPLE Domain (3.24); Business Process(3.4);Enterprise Activity (3.28); Service(3.71); Event (3.36);Enterprise Object (3.33); Enterprise 0bject View (3.34); Organizational Unit(3.55); Decision Centre(3.17); Role(3.69); Product (3.63); Order (3.53); Capability (3.6); Performance Indicator (3.59).
Decision Centre<enterprise modelling> specialization (3.73) of the Enterprise Object (3.33) construct (3.12) thatrepresents a set of decision-making activities that are characterized by having the same time horizonand planning period and belonging to the same kind of decision function category (3.18)
Note 1 to entry: The terminology used to describe aspects of Decision Centre is found in CEN/TS 14818, whichdefines (time) horizon as “the part of the future taken into account by a decision, i.e. the horizon is six monthswhen a decision is taken on a time interval of six months” and (planning) period as “the time that passes betweena decision and when this decision shall be re-evaluated”.ISO 19440 pdf download.

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