BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003 pdf free

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BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003 pdf free.Safety of machinery—Basic concepts, general principles for design.
1.Scope:This standard defines basic terminology and methodology used in achieving safety of machinery.The provisions stated in this standard are intended for the designer.This standard does not deal with damage to domestic animals, property or the environment.
2.Normative references:The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated
references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced
document (including any amendments) applies.ISO 12100-2:2003, Safety of machinery — Basic concepts, general principles for design — Part 2: Technical principles.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of lS0 12100-1 and -2, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1.machinerymachine:assembly of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, with the appropriate machine actuators,control and power circuits,joined together for a specific application,in particular for the processing, treatment,moving or packaging of a material.
The terms “machinery” and “machine” also cover an assembly of machines which,in order to achieve thesame end, are arranged and controlled so that they function as an integral whole.
NOTE Annex A provides a general schematic representation of a machine.
3.2.reliability (of a machine):ability of a machine or its components or equipment, to perform a required function under specified conditionsand for a given period of time without failing
3.3.maintainability (of a machine) ability of a machine to be maintained in a state which enables it to fulfil its function under conditions ofintended use, or restored into such a state, the necessary actions (maintenance) being carried out accordingto specified practices and using specified means.
sensitive protective equipment (SPE):equipment for detecting persons or parts of persons which generates an appropriate signal to the controlsystem to reduce risk to the persons detected. The signal may be generated when a person or part of aperson goes beyond a predetermined limit – e.g. enters a hazard zone -(tripping) or while a person isdetected in a predetermined zone (presence sensing), or in both cases
active opto-electronic protective device (AOPD):device whose sensing function is performed by opto-electronic emitting and receiving elements detecting theinterruption of optical radiation,generated within the device, by an opaque object present in the specifieddetection zone.BS EN ISO 12100 pdf download.

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