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IEEE C62.36-1991 pdf free.IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge ProtectorsUsed in Low-Voltage Data, Communications, and Signaling Circuits.
IEEE C62.36 applies to surge protectors forapplication on multiconductor balanced or un-balanced data,communications,and signal-ing circuits with voltages equal to or less than1000 v rms, or 120o v dc. These surge protec-tors are designed to limit voltage surges, current surges, or both.
This standard describes the methods of test-ing and criteria for determining the end oflife of electrical surge protectors used in lowvoltage data,communications,and signalingcircuits. The surge protectors covered aremultiple-component series or parallel combinations of linear or nonlinear elements,packaged for the purpose of limiting voltage,current, or both.
This standard is not intended to cover pack-aged single gas tube,air gap, varistor oravalanche junction surge-protective devices,which are included in IEEE C62.31-1987[2,IEEE C62.32-1981 [3],IEEE C62.33-1982[4], andIEEE C62.35-1987[51,respectively. Specificallyexcluded from this standard are test methodsfor lowvoltage power circuit applications. Forprotection of wire-line communication facili-ties under the specialized conditions found atpower stations,consult IEEE Std 487-1980[9].The tests in this standard are intended asdesign tests as defined inIEEE Std 100-1988 [7],IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical andElectronics Terms,and provide a means ofcomparison among various multiple-compo-nent surge protectors.
The test criteria and definitions of thisstandard provide a common engineering language beneficial to users and manufacturersof multiple-component surge protectors.Because of the voltage and energy levelsemployed in the majority of tests describedherein,all tests should be considered hazardous.Appropriate caution should be taken intheir performance.
Standard Design ‘Test Criteria. The designtests described in Sections 7 and 8 providestandardized methods for making single observations of a specified characteristic of asurge protector. These properties may varyfrom device to device,making it necessary toprovide statistical descriptions of the propertyin order to compare products.
Statistical Procedures. The following pro-cedure shall be used to describe any character-istic that has been determined to haveimportant statistical aspects.A product sampleshall be chosen in a manner consistent withthe definition of design tests as provided byIEEE Std 100-1988[7].A sufficient number ofdevices shall be tested and the characteristic orrating in question measured as described inthe applicable design test until the parametersof the underlying statistical distribution aredetermined within specified confidence limits. Values relating to the product sample suchas, but not limited to,mean,median,maximum,minimum,and standard deviationmay then be stated.IEEE C62.36 pdf download.

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