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IEEE C57.117-1986 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Reporting Failure Data for Power Transformers and Shunt Reactorson Electric Utility Power Systems.
IEEE C57.117 set forth in this document cover the format for the collection and reporting of data.This guideillustrates the kinds of reports that may be useful to both users and manufacturers of transformers.
The user is cautioned in the direct use of the historical data collected for predicting reliability of future installations.These data are useful in pointing out areas of concern in design, application, installation, operation, and maintenanceof transformers and shunt reactors that should be considered when predicting future reliability.
Although the primary scope of this document is the reliability statistic called “failure rate,” it is also recognized thatusers of the suggested data base may also wish to tabulate and report statistics related to product quality, maintenance,and operating procedures.
The definitions of terms contained in this document are not intended to embrace all meanings of the terms, butare applicable to the subject treated in this guide.accumulated service years: The length of time the transformer is operating from its in-service date until itis retired from service. Ilt is suggested that de-energized time of three months or more not be considered in-ser-vice time.See 5.3.2 and 6.5.29.component: A part within or associated with a transformer that is viewed as an entity. This is usually areplaceable part, for example, main winding, tap changer motor, etc.failure: The termination of the ability of a transformer to perform its specified function. In the study ofpower transformer reliability, it is often difficult to distinguish between major and minor failures; therefore, thefollowing failure definitions are given.
failure with forced outage: Failure of a transformer that requires its immediate removal from service.This is accomplished either automatically or as soon as switching operations can be performed.failure with scheduled outage: Failure for which a transformer must be deliberately taken out of serviceat a selected time. defect: Imperfection or partial lack of performance that can be corrected without taking the transformerout of service.
failure rate:The ratio of the number of “failures with forced outages” of a given population over a givenperiod of time, to the number of accumulated service years for all transformers in that population over the sameperiod of time.IEEE C57 117 pdf download.

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