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IEEE C50.14-1977 pdf free.American National Standard Requirements for Combustion GasTurbine Driven Cylindrical Rotor Synchronous Generators.
The power output of a combustion gas turbine, for a given combustion temperature, is a function of the density of theinlet air,which, in turn, is a function of temperature and atmospheric pressure. The standard operating condition forcombustion gas turbines is 15C inlet air temperature at sea level.
Combustion gas turbines usually carry several power ratings corresponding to different combustion temperatures. Ingeneral, these ratings are related to recommended turbine inspection and maintenance schedules. These variousturbine output ratings are frequently grouped into three operating modes, namely, base, peak, and peak reserve.Thelatter two modes permit increased output with decreased intervals between turbine inspection and maintenance.
A generator driven by a combustion gas turbine and conforming to this standard shall be suitable for carrying load inaccordance with the generator rating and capabilities under the following usual service conditions.
In addition to the preceding usual service conditions, generators shall operate successfully at rated kilovolt-amperes(kVA), frequency, and power factor at any voltage not more than 5 percent above or below rated voltage, but notnecessarily in accordance with the standards of performance established for operation at rated voltage.
The generator continuous output rating shall be expressed in kilovolt-amperes available at the terminals at a specifiedspeed, frequency, voltage, and power factor at an inlet air temperature of 15°C at sea level.
The output rating shall be equal to the generator base capability(defined in Section 4.2.1) at these conditions.
Generator capability is defined as the highest acceptable loading (kVA) at a specified condition. Typical generatorcapability curves are shown in Fig 1.In general, the power output-inlet air temperature characteristics of the generatorand the combustion gas turbine do not have the same slope.
The manufacturer shall supply a curve showing generator continuous (8760 hours per year) base capability at ratedpower factor and sea level. The generator base capability should equal or exceed the base rating of the combustion gasturbine over a specified inlet air temperature range within the limits of Section 3.1.IEEE C50.14 pdf download.

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