IEEE C37.96-1988 pdf free

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IEEE C37.96-1988 pdf free.IEEE Guide forAC Motor Protection.
IEEE C37.96 This application guide forthe relay protection of squirrelcage and wound-rotor induction motors and synchronous motorspresents a review of the generally accepted forms
of motor protection and summarizes the use ofrelays and devices, singly and in combination,so
the user may select the necessary equipment toobtain adequate motor protection.This guide isconcerned primarily with the protection of three-phase integral horsepower motors and variable-speed motors where specifically indicated.
This guide does not purport to detail the pro-tective requirements of all motors in every situation.Its recommendations are of a general nature,designed to cover the usual or typical motorinstallations. Sufficient background material on
objectives,application, and setting philosophy ispresented. However, to enable the user to evaluate the need for various forms of protection andto select and properly apply suitable equipment,for most situations
( 1 ) Section 2 presents a brief description of the damaging effect on a motor of abnormalvoltage,current, temperature,and incor-
rect operation conditions or procedures. Aclear understanding of the electrical andmechanical response of the motor to theseabnormalities will greatly assist the user inevaluating the need for, and the means of,obtaining adequate motor protection inany specific situation.
( 2)Section 3 presents detailed recommendations in a series of tables and diagramsshowing good engineering practice. Thetables and diagrams are classified accord-ing to type of switching, normal source volt-age,and motor and circuit ratings; theyshow the combinations of devices normallyapplied for the associated protective func-tion. For a complete listing of all devicedesignations (both ANSI and NEMA) usedin this guide see Table 7.
Induction Motors.The primary (stator)winding of an induction motor is connected to thepower line.The winding in the secondary (rotor)slots is not connected to any power lines, butreceives its current by means of induction.Energyis transferred to the rotor by means of the magnetic field. Depending upon the type of powersupply, the stator winding is a polyphase winding(usually three-phase,seldom two-phase) or asingle-phase winding.The rotor winding is de-signed as either a polyphase winding (usually athree-phase) or a squirrel-cage winding. In thewound rotor induction motor, the conductors ofthe rotor winding are insulated and are broughtout to slip rings, which are connected to a startingor control device. In the squirrelcage inductionmotor, the conductors of the rotor are not insulated but consist of bare conductors set into theslots.These conductors are connected togethersolidly by a ring at each end.IEEE C37.96 pdf download.

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