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IEEE C37.35-1976 (R1981) pdf free.IEEE Guide for the Application,Installation,Operation, and Maintenance of High-Voltage Air Disconnecting and Load Interrupter Switches.
1.This guide presents suggestions on application,installation,operation,and maintenance as an aid to obtaining satisfactoryperformance of indoor and outdoor high-voltage air disconnecting and load interrupterswitches rated in excess of 1000 V ac.
2.It is offered in recognition of the continuingneed for general guidelines to supplement, butnot replace,the manufacturer’s detailed in-structions on installation,operation,andmaintenance of disconnecting and interrupterswitches.
The definitions of the terms used in thisdocument are found in ANSI C37.100-1972,Definitions for Power Switchgear.
3.1Usual Service Conditions. Usual serviceconditions for switches are defined in Section2.1 of American National Standard Definitions and Requirements for High-Voltage AirSwitches,Insulators,and Bus Supports,C37.30-1971 (IEEE Std 324-1971).These con-ditions specify limits in altitude and in ambient air temperature.
3.2Unusual Service Conditions. Unusualservice conditions are listed in Section 2.2 ofAmerican National Standard C37.30-1971(IEEE Std 324-1971).Table 1 of that standardlists altitude correction factors for rated with-stand voltages,rated continuous currents,and ambient air temperatures for altitudesabove 3300 ft (1000 m).
3.3Other conditions.Other conditions af-fecting the application of switches are listed inAmerican National Standard C37.30-1971(IEEE Std 324-1971). For these and other con-ditions,the switch manufacturer should beconsulted.
3.4 Basic Impulse Insulation Level (BIL).Theselection of the BIL for switches and bus sup-ports on systems of various nominal voltagesis a function of the degree of surge protection,the insulation level of associated equipmentsuch as circuit breakers and transformers,andthe amount of maintenance (insulator clean-ing) anticipated. Since various switch designshave different amounts of creepage distancefor a given switch BIL, the creepage distanceshould be selected separately to provide adequate service under expected atmosphericcontamination conditions.
The preferred rated maximum voltages (giv-en in kilovolts, rms) for switches and bus supports,and their corresponding impulse with-stand ratings (BIL), are given in Tables 1 and6 of American National Standard Schedulesof Preferred Ratings,Manufacturing Specifi-catons,and Application Guide for High-Voltage Air Switches,Bus Supports,and SwitchAccessories,C37.32-1972.
Since the rated maximum voltage of theswitch or bus support is not necessarily indicative of its BIL,it is recommended thatthese devices be selected on the basis of im-pulse withstand voltage rating (BIL) ratherthan rated maximum voltage in kilovolts,rms.
If a switch is overinsulated, that is, if theBIL rating of the switch insulators is higherthan the BIL rating of the switch,open-gapcoordination will be affected (see Sections2.4.3 and 3.4.3 of American National Stan-dard C37.32-1972). Under these circum-stances,rod gaps or surge protective devicesmay be installed at or adjacent to the switchto provide effective open-gap coordination ofthe switch. For voltage 362 kV and above,switching surge levels may be a ‘determiningfactor in selection of insulation level.IEEE C37.35 pdf download.

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