IEEE C37.23-1987 pdf free

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IEEE C37.23-1987 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Metal-Enclosed Busand Calculating Losses in lsolated-Phase Bus.
IEEE C37.23 A surrounding case or housing used to protect the contained conductor and prevent personnel fromaccidentally contacting live parts.Ventilated Enclosure:An enclosure so constructed as to provide for the circulation of external air through theenclosure to remove heat, fumes, or vapors.
Nonventilated Enclosure: An enclosure so constructed as to provide no intentional circulation of external airthrough the enclosure.
Dripproof Enclosure: An enclosure usually for indoor application, so constructed or protected that fallingdrops of liquid or solid particles that strike the enclosure at any angle not greater than 15 degrees from the vertical shallnot interfere with the successful operation of the metal-enclosed bus.
Ambient Air ‘Temperature: The temperature of the surrounding air that comes in contact with equipment.NOTE 一 Ambientair temperatre, as applied to enclosed bus asemblies, is the average temperature of the surrounding air that
comes in contact with the enclosure.
Design Tests: Those tests made to determine the adequacy of a particular type, style, or model of metal-enclosedbus or its component parts to meet its assigned ratings and to operate satisfactorily under normal service conditions orunder special conditions, if specified.
NOTE —Design tests are made only on representative apparatus to substantiate the ratings assigned to all other apparatus of
basically the same design.These tests are not intended to be used as a part of normal production.The applicable portionof these design tests may also be used to evaluate modifications of a previous design and to assure that performance hasnot been adversely affected.Test data from previous similar designs may be used for current designs, where appropriate.
Field Tests: Tests made after the assembly has been installed at its place of utilization.
Termination (Terminal Chamber): A metal enclosure that contains all necessary mechanical and electricitems to complete the connections to other equipment.IEEE C37.23 pdf download.

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